2001 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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Fuel filler neck
Resistor worked for 2 weeks, then blower motor stopped. Replaced blower motor and it still dont work- NOW WHAT?
i drop pan without jacking engine?

Off? It turns on everytime I turn the car on. Just replaced the loose gas cap this morning.
I have replaced the gas cap, mass sensor and now the raditor
I drove it to one store, then another. I stopped the engine at both. At the second store it would crank but not start. I sprayed ether into the air intake and it ran fine. Take away the ether and it dies. There is fuel at the rail, and running on ether should prove spark. The fuel pump is new. Could this be a fuel pressure or volume problem?
Any help would be appreciated.
I was driving on the interstate and my car started slowing down and engine light started blinking for about 2 minutes. And making a flicker sound that's loud
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