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Can't figure out what it is. It appears to be an air hose or vacuum hose. But can't find a helpful diagram. Thanks.
Temperature gauge, gas gauge, oil light, battery light, heater/ac, windows and radio don't work. I found a fuse that is loose and seems to be the cause of the problem. When I attempted to check the fuse I found it was loose and when messed with I got proper connection for a moment. I can't find anything on how to repair or replace anything to do with the fuse box or terminals. I was hoping maybe I could find out how to replace the bad connection in the fuse box and not the whole thing, is that possible or am I going to have to replace the whole thing? And how in the world can I do that?
Theft light stays on an no spark
121,000 miles. New AC year and a half ago, new radiator, thermostat, hoses, all within 6 mo ago. I've spent about $2,000. Now it needs AC compressor or clutch ($978)! Is it time to trade in or worth the repairs at this point. I'm wanting to wait 5 years to buy a new car when I retire.
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Gracias por sus concejos
when i go 55mph on any kind of road my front drivers side tire shakes & feels like it is going to fall off & it makes a roaring sound. so took it to a shop they check it out & the lug nuts were loosened on it. so they re-tightened the lug nuts & check the tire for any kind of wear & tear on it & the tire still looks like a brand new tire. but even after they did all that the tire still shakes/wobbles & feels like it is going to fall off when going 55mph & up & still makes the loud roaring noise. I bought my car about 3 or 4 months a go from a 1 person i have no clue on what the other owner had replaced on the car for any kind of recalls before i bought it from him. plus I have another issue with the car beside the tire issue that is going on. my check engine light stays on has a dynastic check & it said gas cap was old,so replaced the old gas cap & the check engine light is still on. plus when i go up any kind of hill on the road way my car chugs up the hill like it is running out of gas but my gas tank in never under a 1/2 of a tank in my car. so these are the major issues i'm having with my car & i'm wanting to know if there has been any recalls for these issues that i'm having with my car at this time. Thank You for your time. Heather Vitale
Went to auto zone and had battery and alternater checked. Battery bad. Car would not start. I have had same battery since 2003. Just now went bad. Car will not turn over all the time. In last 30 mins. Got it to start 3 times.sounds like it's out of gas but I put gas in it today.
Couple days after parking it I tried to back up in driveway and it seemed I couldn't keep it straight, so after pulling forward, starting to back up 4 timesand it not working, I looked in rearview mirror and the back driver side tire kept turning in. So obviously I put in drive and parked it back on street. What is wrong? Please and thank you
I try sealing it with a sealer but it continued to leak can I just replace the whole and if so what would the cost be?
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