2000 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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The car doesn't lose power. This usually happens for a few seconds within 100 to 1,000 feet of the beginning of the trip. This is more likely to occur if the engine has been off for awhile.

Is this an easy fix as I have been Told? Please advise. Thank you

I just recently had my transmission repaired too and engine rebuilt

like the water is banking in the hose

Will the pieces drop down in the oil pan

The fan does not seem to work well on the lower settings.

Sometimes there will be a constant or intermittent buzzing coming from wither the turn signal or the hazard light button. I just discovered that when I press on one area of the hazard button it will stop. There seems to be a little short in that area. is that possible?

I do not drive very much so the 3000 miles recommended does not occur quite a while?

if not removed

My car still won't start after all this is done.... anyone have any suggestions of what else it can be? It's a 2000 chevrolet Malibu and only the dash lights come on when turning over lights turn off battery is only a year old. Checked the fuses and it looks good

2000 Chevy Malibu 3.1L
3 weeks ago i was driving and the
car stalled and would not restart. It
would not even turn over. Finally
found out the starter was bad but
that didn't explain it stalling. I
replaced the starter and now I can
start the car and drive it but now the
abs light, brake light and theft
system light will all come on. (Theft
system light doesn't come on each
time) the abs light and brake light will
come on and stay on until I kill the
car. The theft system light usually
goes out on its own. Also my fuel
gauge will read the proper amount of
fuel then suddenly drop to empty
and my temperature gauge will also
drop. They stay down a few seconds
and then return to normal. Yesterday
it did this 26 times in 14 minutes.
Any help on this would be greatly

The gas and temp gauge went out and the seatbelt, anti-theft, service engine, and airbag lights stay on also reading lamps in car arnt working, what could cause this, pcm? Diagnostic read no error codes.

Yesterday while driving my car my service vehicle soon light came on. Then shortly after my windows wouldn't roll up,my gas gauge stopped working and the light to tell me which gear my car is in stopped working.This didn't happen when I was driving. It was after I stopped at a store and started back up. My windows are still down and its raining and is supposed to rain all week. car still runs great but please help because I don't have money for a big fix

I have the following symptoms:

1) Check engine light on
2) After a few miles, temperature gauge maxes out and warning light comes on, but no matter what there are no signs of overheating
3) Vehicle acceleration drops dramatically. Once I stop it may take about 30 seconds to get back up to 40mph or so.
4) No hot air from heater
5) Sludge in coolant tank

I have very little money and can't afford an pricey diagnosis. I desperately need an idea of what's the problem may LIKELY be cause this has been going on too long and it's killing me.