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my headlights stays on until i turn the ignition back and forth until they go off for awhile and then come back where i have disconnect the battery.Could it be that i need a new ignition?
does my 2000 malibu LS have a cabin air filter?
thank you
just started making a pop noise when i turn left. like a hard pop noise.
Just need to know how to put the seals on a transmission cooling line 2000 chevy malibu
The car has 265,000 miles on it. The car seems to run fine, even though the light is on. I had Tires Plus replace the sensor, the thermostat & the heater hose; didn't fix the problem. The Chevy dealer, as well as Tires Plus tell me the coolant level is OK; they have done coolant pressure tests & can't find any more problems. I do sometimes get an odor of odd hydrocarbons at either startup, or after stopping; this appeared AFTER Tires Plus replaced the sensor. I'm baffled. Both shops tell me that its nothing to worry about, but common sense tells me otherwise.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? the light goes off after the car has run for a little while
How long have you had this problem? since late July, 2017
The car doesn't lose power. This usually happens for a few seconds within 100 to 1,000 feet of the beginning of the trip. This is more likely to occur if the engine has been off for awhile.
Is this an easy fix as I have been Told? Please advise. Thank you
I just recently had my transmission repaired too and engine rebuilt
like the water is banking in the hose
Will the pieces drop down in the oil pan
The fan does not seem to work well on the lower settings.
Sometimes there will be a constant or intermittent buzzing coming from wither the turn signal or the hazard light button. I just discovered that when I press on one area of the hazard button it will stop. There seems to be a little short in that area. is that possible?
I do not drive very much so the 3000 miles recommended does not occur quite a while?
if not removed
My car still won't start after all this is done.... anyone have any suggestions of what else it can be? It's a 2000 chevrolet Malibu and only the dash lights come on when turning over lights turn off battery is only a year old. Checked the fuses and it looks good
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