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I've replaced plugs , wires , intake manifold gasket , coil pack , switched injectors around , replaced catalytic converter , and still get an intermittent number 2 cylinder misfire . any ideas ??
My 1999 Malibu started leaking large puddles of coolant. Not holding any. Just barely made it to the garage. My mechanic says it's the timing cover gasket (s) and it is a big repair that will cost 737.00. Does that seem right?
This is the code that came up and I need to know what it is and how u fix it. P0304
How do you recharge the system and where is the low side valve located?
my car wont start when theft system light is on.I hope some one can help me.thank you.
had to replace the secondary air injection system, now the car bogs and jerks from 0-35 mph. could it be my catalytic converter. im getting codes on secondary air injection, and low emmissions.
When applying the brakes when going down a hill the front end shakes and you can feel the front tires jerking rapidley. If you apply the brakes softley some pulling but not as severe.
How much does it cost to replace a transmission? I am trying to get an idea as to whether or not it is worth it!
how do you bypass anti-theft
I bought the car about 2 months ago, the guy i bought it from had just put an engine i the car. ever since then the fuel gauge moves around, sometimes you get the car its at a half of a tank, then empty, then full.
where is the fuel filter located?
It will try to start, run for a second then stop. Only happens about twice a week. If I try for awhile it starts.
I was driving down the road when the oil light came on. Since then the lifters have started ticking. I changed the oil pump and primed it with engine assembly lube. It has new oil and filter. The shaft and gear from the cam are good... I'm lost, unless the bearing spun and cut off oil flow. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance
When I started engine, I can not turn on the A/C or move any Windows, seems no power for them (the small light on the button is off). They used to have power when I put the key at 'ON', but now no power at all. Other parts still work fine. What's problem does my car have?
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