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ove. What can I do?
Some tell it could be my piston...
Just started doing this a few days ago when it finally cranks over to start it runs great its a new starter
What else could it be ?
I charge battery. Start car and shortly the battery light comes on and the battery power starts to fade. I replaced the alternator and continue to have the issue. What else should I look at?
I was on E and I filled the car up then didn't start up. I don't smell gas I don't hear the full pump kick on and i found out that the one fuze #15 was out put new one in i don't know what to really think it could be...
So my question is do we get refunded for the switch if there is a recall?
Visitor, 1999 Chevrolet Malibu, 265,000 mi

Turning the key to the on position the gauges would sometimes act if they lost power. When attempting to start the engine when the gauges were in this unpowered state, the starter would turn but the there would be no spark coming from the coil packs. I tested the lead and ground to the coil packs and the crankshaft position sensor. Since other components still have power (lights, radio, windows, etc.) the problem seems to be after the battery but before the coil pack which leads to the conclusion of it being something with the ignition switch or wires in between. No confirmed solution as of yet
The car is leaking anti-freeze - cost will be $834.00 to replace the pump - plus the mechanic says I should replace other seals while the water pump is out. The labor charge seems excessive. Total $1600.00.
you turn on and in a while it cuts off. Brand new just installed and it cuts off.
The fuel pump is running even though it makes a humming noise on top of the buzz noise it always made. For the most part it would start right up besides the theft crap we all go through with these cars from time to time but now it's getting worse and won't stay running without help every 4 or 5 starts. Is there a sensor or what?
even when the tank is empty and if i force it in it drains out. The gas gage just started to stop working and then working.
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