1998 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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Go to start car no lights in dash no power to fuel gaugse
car will not hold start. it turns off
I was drivin and my car shut off i tried cranking it up it still would not crank i put a new fuel pump nd filter still wouldnt crank can u please tell me the problem
Rear springs broke and struts are shot. Trying to find out if the knuckle can just be switched from 3.25 inch strut mount to the smaller 2 3/8.
I have to give it more gas to get it up to speed. Starts fine and stays running does not misfire. There is fluid leak in granny. Would like to know if that can be fixed and where to look. This just suddenly came on.
The oil and battery light came on the dashboard once it cut off I check all my liquids besides the trans
Lost power and compresssion
Cruise is off and the cable is intact. Pumping the gas pedal several times seems to fix it but so does turning it off for a few seconds.
Ran codes said misfire6cyl so replaced everything to the cyl cel flashes once it warms up and now it's only takes 2 mins im stuck
Airbag light is on, also check engine light need to know what needs to be done.
I put anti-freeze in and it seems to just disappear. I looked under the car for leaks and it's bone dry....
.... was driving on the interstate tried to pick up speed and it wouldn't. pulled over and it would not turn nor crank. While waiting for AAA I tried to start it again. it would turn but not start. When I got it home that's when we charged the battery, checked the starter and it was fine, the fuel pump works and it's not the timing belt. 2.4L 4cylinder.
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