1997 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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Coolant is leaking into oil
The ac compressor pully locked up and is not allowing the car to start
Fuel light is on but tank is full
For about a month
My turn signals intermittenly do not work. When I push emergency flasher on and off the turn signals then work. No rhyme or reason for when they stop working.
dimmer switch works, headlights and park lights work, instrument panels work, windshield wipers work, the signals stopped all of sudden
the headlights work, tail lights work , dimmer switch works and instrument panel lights and windshield wipers work, signal lights quit all of a sudden
The tail pipe isnt spewing white smoke it has a lil smoke but it disappears after awhile. I actually posted. A question just like this one before but forgot to add all the water being gone from my radiator the next day. The regular water did get hot after awhile seem to be steaming from the cap. Its currently just water on the radiator no coolant. Car is not being drove.
Can it be blown head gaskets? I checked dipstick ,no water in oil and the tail pipe isn't spewing white smoke nor does it have a weird smell. The car does have front bumper damage from hitting a truck and did bend a little under the hood by radiator. i had a my dads friend look at it and he said my engine sounds great, 174,210 miles on it. I just orderd a code scanner because i already bought a radiator and it would be smart to know before i invest anymore money seeing that i don't have a car already. I let the car run for awhile like over 30 minites in idle and got in and reved the engine. It went up to like 4000 rpm and started stuttering and would not go past it. I checked the coolant which just has water in currently because i just acquired the car through a trade and its been sitting awhile. Water did get hot and it seemed pressurized when i was going to remove it after turning car off. I don't know much so any help would be appreciated. Hopefully thats enough info. And would a code reader tell me what this problem is?
None of the gauge works the fuel or the coolant or the speedometer
three Windows work but one.needs a regulator an the front driver side works fine the back passenger works fine passenger window don't move at all an back driver side needs a regulator
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