1996 Chevrolet Lumina APV Questions

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front seat back is broken. I have a replacement. how do I unbolt it from the floor?
We had the gas pump, gas filter, and battery replaced but won't start.
and now won't start will turn over but act like no fuel is getting to it
Normall running temp and it sputters and dies but once cold it will start and run till work again and then die till cold
Van will sometimes stop when hot, usually when idling at a stop, or won't start some times. Replaced fuel pump and checked most fuses.
Van some times won't start when cold, or when hot. Use starter fluid and it will start up then.
Looking for a very ballpark estimate on replacing a transmission on this thing. Only has 1st gear. Just trying to figure out whether I should even bother towing it somewhere for an estimate.
Have a Low coolant light coming on when I first start the car and the coolant level is OK, It turns off after 1/2 hour or so of driving, mechanic tells me it maybe the sensor but does not guaranteed it,tells me cost of changing sensor with part is $150.00, is this about right?
Thank you
this is the first occasion of this problem.When i turn the key there is nothing: like the battery is dead, yet battery charger rates it charged and ready?
I had a leak at the lower radiator area that caused low coolant light to come on.I replaced the radiator two years ago thats not the problem.So I supposedly had a Manifold gasket set , valve cover gasket, some hoses and t-stat replaced. As soon as I put it on the interstate going to work the low coolant light comes on. I had it purghed and it was fine for 4 days until it started again. I put a new radiator cap on it and the problem still continues. The garage says I need a head gasket now but it runs fine , doesn't smoke out the rear and the oil is not milkey. I had another mechanic look at it and he says he wouldn't replace the head gasket either. We found that it's pumping out of the radiator but not back in.The hoses are clean too. The fans working but the reservoir is full of coolant and the tempature gage never runs hot but stays at medium. Thanks, I went and had it pressure checked and found it was working fine but it appeared to me that it wasn't. The radiator shop found that it was a bad censor in my radiator, and nothing more.
i have a 1996 chevrolet lumina van, recently it was overheating come to find out the heat gasket was blown. after i got that repaired now the van can barely move, you have to push on the accelerator hard for it to move and its still dragging and will not switch gears. do i have a bad transmission or do the transmission need to be reset. there is plenty of transmission fluid in the van. thanks
im replacing a rear brake line. i cant tell which line to unhook from the master cylinder. is there a schematic that shows so i dont have to unhook them all?
Once in a while when i drive my 1996 Lumina Mini Van, i am getting voltage surges which causes a couple of my Gages lights to come on, plus at night i notice that my lights dime going bright when the battery Gage spikes up to the plus 18 in the red zone or going dime, it causes the Air Bag led to come on and sometimes the Anti-Lock break light to come on, but it is NOT an anti-lock problem, nor and Air Bag Issue, sometimes effect the acceleration when starting up from a stop, i actually have to turn off the van for about 120 seconds and then were good to go, other times it just clears by itself, this happens very intermittent and can go for a day or two without issue, however, when i am driving, it does not effect me when i am driving normally even when this fluctuation happens in voltage. Is this an early indication of my starter motor going bad, or my Alternator not regulating voltage properly. Please Note: The Battery Gage is not steady it rides between middle and up to the first indicator most of the time, only sometimes does the meteor go into the red zone which causes the Gage LED's to come on, mostly if it does not hit into the red zone where it show (18) but close to it, only the Air Bag LED goes on, the Head Lights when on at night, you can see the dash lights and head lights dimming and going bright when it shoots into the red zone. Any ideas on what it can be, I checked all wiring within the engine, and put the tester on it and it found all systems are normal, there was no code displayed, however, it was not spiking into the red, i may have to wait again when it does it. I have heard that a Starter Motor can do this in its early stages of failing.
I my batterie won't keep a charge if i dont drive it every day andits cold out. Do i have to replace it?
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