1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV Questions

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window on driver side jumps off track
Leak terminates at bottom of oil filter adapter. But all mounting surfaces are flat and new gaskets. Possible leak originates in intake manifold or valve cover?
They will not move from the inside or outside. I have no idea what the problem is.
they all started auctioning up at once. I replaced the alternator. then the battery. but that did not fix the problem. the alternator is showing discharge and the warning buzzer is going off when you turn on the lights.
fuses are ok
How do you hookup RH front door latch to handle?
When warm, starter will engage but immediately disengage when engine fires.
This began after daily ambient temperatures began to settle in above 40 degrees. I only mention this because the engine also began to develop a backfire about the same time. The backfire would occur when I would ease off the gas pedal during low speed acceleration, or when the engine slowed following a shift to a higher gear.
I thought the change in ignition behavior may be somehow tied to the unusual starter condition.

Any answers out there? (About the starter or ignition issue)

It started and ran well all winter. Has new alternator, fuel pump and filter, year old starter, new MAP sensor, New Throttle Position Sensor, New distributor and wires, new battery.
what can be done if the motor is locked up
Changed fan switch but still won't work,radiator is over heating
when I turn the ignition on the lights do not come on. What kind of ignition switch do I need. can I get the wiring diagram for it?
I changed the engine & transmission out, replacing the engine & transmission seals & the PCM. Now it idles high in park and neutral. It also shifts rough in and out of those gears.

When driving, the ABS light came on after two stops and stayed on until I shut the car off. Pumping the brakes with the engine running in the garage does not turn on the light.
when you take the gear shifter from park to drive, reverse or even nutral it acts like it is still in park. but when you rock the van back and forth it goes into gear and will work for a little while but not long what could be wrong other wise the trans works and shifts fine.
I was driving my 95 Lumina APV yesterday & had thought I had the check engine light problem solved with replacing the vacuum hose to the fuel pressure regulator. I pulled the ECM fuse put it back in drove her a good 20 miles at all speeds. Before it would come on with in 2-5min. of driving her.
So I turned the heater on & the fan kicked on (i have noticed this in past so not sure if this is normal) anyway as soon as I put the heater on the CEL went on & stayed on. I turned the heater off the fan kicked off but the CEL stayed on. There was no hesitation or anything running wise. I just don't understand why the fan would kick on when I turn the heater on & more so why the CEL came on then?.
As I said a good 20 miles at all diffrent speeds & no CEL until I put the heater on!.
Thank you!
So I looked under the hood & it says OBD1 certified. So were is the B pin so I can run a jumper wire to get the codes out?
Looking at the plug the A pin top right the B pin should be right next to it on top nothing. Under the A pin there is a pin but I don't want to jump that as I don't know what it will do.
There is a total of three pins? If it is an OBD1 I should be able to get the codes but what pins do I jump?
Thank you!
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