1994 Chevrolet Lumina APV Questions

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codes as follows: 22 1/4 TP volt low reading is .77-.80
24 2/4 VSS no signal
33 MAP sensor high reading is 29 KPA volts.97-.99
45 O2 high volts reading is .07-.99
we have also installed a new MAP and TPI sensor and run Sea Foam thru both fuel tank and and injectors on top of motor.
we are trying to track down cause of a lean O2 sensor,a bad maf is listed as one of the possible causes. does this even have one? I see them listed in the Chiltons as on only a 3.8 motor.
fans will not come on
when i start the van i have to rev the engine to keep it going or else it will stall. i have to keep my foot on the brake while keeping the RPMS up so that the engine will not stall. on the freeway there is no problem as the van RPMS are up and the alternator is suplying juice; however when i slow down or take my foot off the acclerator it will want to stall and i see my voltage meter drop. i am at my whits end with this van. i replaced the battery and alternator yesterday,i have resealed upper and lower manifold gaskets, new spark plugs in the past 3 months, new fuel filter in the past year, new MAF sensor, new idle air control valve. i have no idea what would be causing this. please help me resolve this it is my only vehicle.
Trying to replace brake light bulbs. Looks like a clip inside and don't want to break it.
While driving, my high beams were on, the lights went out,(Side lamps, blinkers hazards all sill worked) I franticly jerked the high/low switch on the steering wheel they came back on went out again and now they dont come on. The switch turn the inside lights and side lamps on they are all fine. DOnt know if it needs a relay and where that would be, or if the problem is in the high/low switch on the sterring column and how to replace that thanks
I've replaced both temp sensors and relays to fan. Replaced switch on the steering column and checked all wired connections i can see.. Any ideas?
Some one suppested hatch switch might be on or something like that but dont know where it is located.
My mechanic said in July he was getting a code related to the throttle position. When accelerating or in stop/go traffic it is starting to act rough. Any ideas where to start? The TPS sensor was changed over a year ago.
I only have a problem starting when its wet out and my van has sat more than 8 hours. I was told most likely a crack in the distributor cap.Any ideas or suggestions? Also any step by step instructions how to change cap and rotor as I;ve heard they should both be done.
wipers will not come on once in a while they will start working then stop usually mid windshield then if you hit a bump they will go back and stop. my daughter said someone told her they were too tight? any ideas would be great as i am poor and it is raining again thanks
The hazards all work and the turn signals don't.
The Van goes to critical temp and still fan will not work or even hum
creeking noise when stopping and bumps in road and rearend noise at 50mph and when braking
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