1991 Chevrolet Lumina APV Questions

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replaced fuses in glove box. replaced relays and breakers in electrical box under pass. side dash. is there any others i'm not aware of? Any diagrams of what relays/breakers are needed in fuse box under dash?
I want to change it. The coolant fan runs sporatically at best. I want to connect it somewhere so that the ignition turns it on and off and with a separate relay. Where can I connect it?
i have changed the engine control computer the electronic spark control module the ignition coil all to no avail i have an inline spark checker that i have hooked up from the coin to the distributor cap and get no spark at this point im completely at a loss before i made the decission to change the computer i had gotten a trouble key and checked the codes wasnt anything that would tell me where to look
the sliding door on my van came off an I need to know how to put it back on
Tengo problemas para encender en la mañana, luego de un rato de intentar,prende y corre bien por un rato pero luego se apaga (se apaga en los altos, no corriendo) yo desconecto el sensor map y cambia un poco su conportamiento, pero no se que pueda ser.
:Agradesco de antemano la ayuda

i just bought my lumina apv and the sliding door has to be tied shut cuz the rear striker and mounting hole is busted off and the front doesnt even look like it has a locking mechanism does anyone know where i can buy an aftermarket striker and backing plate to weld onto the rear so the door works thank you for your help
Are there after market locks made for the trunk of my chevy lumina apv (91)? If so,how are they replaced?
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