1990 Chevrolet Lumina APV Questions

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The #1fan won't come on. #2 fan comes on at 230 temp. Air conditioner clutch doesn't kick in either at idle
Hello, I have a 1990 Lumina APV van that periodically after running a little while, the Temp starts going halfway up and if I accelerate more heavily it will get really hot! The big problem while driving will happen when I come to a stop. The engine just goes dead sort of like if you can imagine driving a manual transmission car coming to a complete stop and not engaging the clutch....This is how my van feels when it starts heating up and I come to a stop...Then I will have to put it out of gear and crank it, But then when I put it back in gear it will go dead again... If anyone can help me figure out a fix for this I would be so thankful! Thanks!
If use starter fluid, will usually start up.
all the gauges are out of wack
Replaced IAC. Car now pulsates when idling between 900 and 1700 RPM's. Car has now been running like this for 25 minutes.
How do you correctly install a IAC valve
How does one remove the rear bumper cover from the above car?
Car starts but you have to pump the pedal to keep it running, hot or cold.
it has [ TBI ] and happens every time. 3.1 V6
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