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How to fix an axillary port in a 2001 Chevy Lumina
E-mail answer from GM parts website attached a sketch showing that key-less remote was located near passenger rear speaker. I searched on my car through the trunk around the rear speakers and didn't find this unit. Should I remove the rear passenger seat and rear shelf near back winshield
to continue searching?
Receiving unit not programming hand-held remote controls. Responds when grounded per instructions for remote programming, but won't program. Fuse in fuse holder is good.
vacuum ball has been gone for some time its line i plugged. no air coming from vents just defrost and floor
ive changed the gaskets, water pump and bleed the coolant and still no heat what can i do next
yesterday i full turned steering to right and suddenly airbag indication came on. car was never hit or accident. and keep on coming after may be 1 min. how to reset it.
My 2001 chevy lumina car has only the windshield light no brake lights
what can be the problem
the leak started all of a sudden
I have a 2001 Lumina with about 68,000 miles on it. Many times (but not every time) I turn the car on, it goes up to 1500-2500 RPMs, while in park. When I shift into drive, the car seems to drive itself without me having to give it gas. Usually after driving for a few minutes, if I turn off and restart the car while at a red light, it will be fine. This used to happen only occasionally but is happening more and more often. It's almost always in the afternoons after work, not in the mornings.

Another problem I have, occasionally the car has stalled on me when I am in stop-and-go traffic on the highway. It always starts up again fine right away. Happened a couple times last fall, didn't do it all winter, but did it again last week. Every time, it's been in the morning while I'm sitting in traffic on the highway.

I know absolutely nothing about cars, but even I know this must be a transmission problem? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!
returning to the water pump. no water in the oil???
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