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I changed the fuse last night and they are blown again, i know my light on the left was blinking alot faster the day of and be for. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do?
Normally you would just put the blinker lever in the left or right turn position, but I have to hold the lever just under the point where it locks in place or the blinkers won't blink.
This is just the first time after I start it, but once I put the car in drive it will hesitate when I step on the gas. After a minute or two it stops doing this.
When I have the fan on high it buzzes through the speakers
noise on the valves area
is noise under the valve caps
checked all of the fuses and bulbs
the coolant leak seems to be right behind the bolt that mounts the idler pulley on, appears to be leaking from low down and not high up, what could this be?
Recently the security light came on & stays on. Light is steady...not blinking. Are these 2 issues related or separate issues?
Have checked fuel pump, fuel filter, and opened up lines to see if gas is at the engine compartment. All of that checks out ok. We have no spark at the plugs and cannot feel any gas being pushed out of cylinder plug hole when cranking. Could it be the ignition control module or crank sensors?
this happens everytime you start it.
the theft loc is not engaged from what I can tell, it's not asking for a code, the stations tune and display, clock functions and it appears the head unit works as it should in all aspects but I can not get any sound across any of the speakers at all. One day while switching the ignition off from run I got static across the speakers for a fraction of a second. Can it be a faulty ignition switch causing all the problems? The car starts and runs fine.
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