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The engine will shut off like its out of fuel checked fuel pressure its right on the money after replacing fuel filter after sitting for 15 mins car starts and runs fine for a bit any ideas? And it has a full tank of gas
chev lumina 3.0 engine 1997
My car is stalling
I have replaced spark plugs,wires, o2 sensor,coil packs now to whats it doing chugging really bad when at a stop ,hesitation when i press on gas,smells like fuel when im stopped and its died on me a few times at red lights tough to start back up when first starting sometimes it starts rough to im not a mechanically inclined person but i can do some things if its not hard please any help
97lumina3.1 misfire changed radiator started acting up next day thought tranny fluid low cause of way it was bucking only at higher rpm
changed rad.thought tranny cause fluid was low codes of trans slipping n multiple misfire could this be tranny related or just coincidence changed fuel filter cars got 170000 70000 are mine so anyway any suggestions be appreciated
My father in law did this to my car, & also snapped connected hose. Then "repaired" it by inserting both broken ends in a fatter, but same diameter piece of rubber hose. Now my car struggles to start. If it does it stalls quickly.
knocking goes away upon warmup. Air Conditioning not working.0 135k miles bought used, needed oil change, thick. changed it. otherwise seems to run well.)
where is the sensor to replace it? It is constant blinking. How do you empty coolant reserve tank?
I have changed the cam and crankshaft sensor ,i have changed the ingnition module the coil paks the tps sensor and the mass flow sensor the same code keeps coming up for a throttle position sensor but i put a new one on . I have to pat the gas petal several times to get the car started which then it woukld idle high . Once it starts i put it in gear but it takes the transmisssion too long to go into second gear .WHY is this happening PLEASE HELP ME IN THIS MATTER I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO. there is a little backfire when you are trying to start the car

I was told by mechanic that my water pump needs replacing after he replace intake valve and leaking radiator. I have spots on garage floor showing leaks from water pump i was told.
car in great shape. only has 48,000 miles. was taken car of. gas gage is not reading accurate. I ran out of gas and it said I had a full tank! low gas light didn't come on. is this a manufactures defect? will gm fix for free?
we changed spark plugs, we change ignition control module
It only happens on a warn start, or a cold start if I'm trying to go up a hill. It is not every time or even every other time, but often enough to be worry some.
i want to know what makes a fuse blow on a ac/compressor on a 97 lumina
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