1997 Chevrolet Lumina Questions

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end of vacuum tubing opposite of pcv valve was removed. where does the opposite end belong?
Next time cranks and runs good. If security light is on and fuel guage on full will not run. Once it clicks off full and light goes off cranks and runs good.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing I've noticed
How long have you had this problem? Months and months started out only tool a minute for it guage/light to go off. Now it can take hours.
why does the module under the coils go bad?
Got took on new starter.Car still won't start.Can jump starter car will run a sec.and key has a resistor chip on it.and security light flashes now.before it was on all the time
What could be causing that?
The bulbs are good. The fuses are good. But my turn signals won't come on. My break lights work, so do my head lights. So do I need to replace the turn signal switch?
The wiring harness on the front passenger side needs to be replaced. How do I replace this from where it plugged into the ABS module on the wheel to the other end?
but its not. If you mess with it long enough you will eventually get it in gear and it runs great but once you put it back in park you have to start it all over again.
Fuel psi is like 41 I think and holds there could it be a fuel filter or pump?it started out like just dying and not starting bck up but a little later it start bck up but now wont it wants to but wont
It sputters when you stop at a stop light and it dies.
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