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New battery installed. Oil light was coming on at stop or when slowing when restarts sounds like loud exhaust and a slapping sound. Is it the timimg
My key won't unlock steering or start the car
Is there any other reason than changing the key lock to get car steering unlocked for starting.
Air isn't blowing hard like it used to, stops blowing when I press the gas, then slowly starts blowing threw random vents,, but stI'll not very hard..
Ac compressor on lumina stoped working i have a compressor from a dodge van. Was wondering if i could use this compressor in the lumina.
First I changed power steering pump,then tension pulley and belt, starter,fuel pressure reg.,one spark plug wire cause it broke didn't replace plugs or other wires then car stalled a few times trying to start it but started it never stopped on me while running,turned car off once and it wouldn't start back up was told that the engine was lock up or seized tried turning the engine manually but it wouldn't turn clockwise but counter clockwise what can be done to start car or do I need a new engine
A 96 Chevy Lumina 3.1 liter engine I replace the radiator the water pump and thermostat it still overheating what else could be the issues it overheats all the time idling driving
I've replaced relays, fuses, sensors, and fan motors work
5 seconds short starter out several times it starts but will not stay running . If I press gas petal it does not help
I go to start my car, it starts but dies immediately...
I put a new switch in it for the headlights all lights work except headlights and dome light. but still can not put the breaker its gets hot. but no lights
The transmission will not do anything when putting it into any gear. Think it needs to be replaced.
Have checked tranny oil and linkage transmission just quit doing anything. I've read all of the forums and not 1 person has had any transmission problems especially with only 60,000 miles. I would appreciate any helpful ideas.

Thanks. Clint
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