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idle fluctuates cold or warm, car stalls but starts again.replaced the IAC,TPS,plugs fuel regulator,egr found a vacuum leak on the fuel regulator vacuum line...fixed that and still stalls.but idle fluctuates..checked the diagnostic connector and only found 2 wires..A and M..i am at a loss right now...
Okay I was driving and I notice that my van didn't have oil as I was driving the van shut down and it was smoking and oil leaked out the bottom of it. Is that a real sign of damage? Or can I put oil in it and still be able to drive it after the fact.
Okay I was driving and I notice that I didn't have any oil as I was driving the van shut down and it was smoking and oil leaked out the bottom of it. Is that a sign of real damage? Or can I put oil in it and be able to drive it after the fact.what can I do.
It was making a rattling noise. I added tranny fluid. Noise disappeared, now car wont shift out of 1st gear or into reverse.
Been looking for the Module and relay behind glove box. Can't seem to find.Key only year old, don't know how to use voltage meters. Found a wide relay on right side,a cube relay middle, little more to left, cube relay, told there's one more(TDM relay) is it behind something? I can hear the clicking, can't pin point? ? Leonard
The left turn signal was no longer resolving after turns.
I tested my newly purchased one-man disc brake bleeding kit with hand pump. I used a tight fit rubber adapter to the brake valve, after pumping to get a moderate vacuum level, the vacuum level dropped after stopped pumping. Is this okay to do brake fluid bleeding, keep pumping the vacuum? or there is a leak?

In what order do the distributor wires go in?
The car stalled when putting in gear a couple days before issue. I was coming home and car stalled while moving and tried to restart and it cranked slow. replaced battery and now it wont stay running and runs rough if it does. I have a 3.1 L vin code m and cant even keep it running enough to do and Idle reset. It runs that bad.
It was running fine.I pulled away and noticed the oil light came on and turned down the stereo and it was tapping I pulled over right away and shut it off and checked the oil!! It was 1 quart low! Put a quart in and oil light Still on engine still tapping but running smooth!! I revved it up a little and oil light went off but still tapping but running smooth!! It's not knocking on the lower half but tapping from the top half!! Car only has 37,000 miles!!! Thank you for your time!!
It only has low gear and will go 20 MPH tops is there any other solution besides a completely bad tranny?
Heat guage reds hot, but is not low on coolant nor actually hot.
Car intermittent stalls and won't restart. Spray starter fluid car starts and continues to run. Fuel pressure is 22lbs. Since low I was going to change the pump, removed the relay and car stayed at 22lbs of pressure and continues running with out the relay. Would a bad pcm cause this?
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