1994 Chevrolet Lumina Questions

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Specifically the one behind the serpentine belt and can I replace it without the $500 mechanic time? Can I put some JB weld in there if it's rusted through? Or some other fix?
I'm very curious exactly where it is. Because it's quite hard to see
Replaced the fuel pressure regulator and now the car is still hard to start and won't stay running. Need to do a idol ecu ready learn
Just bought the car, found a guy to do brakes, but I have to buy the parts, so brake shoes for the rear are easy to find, but the drum is a little harder. I don't know the last time brakes have been done, and it sounds bad, but do I have to have new drums each time I switch out the brake shoes?
Change lower ball joint on my 94 chevy lumina how do u do it
changed airconditioner it had bad pully. changed spark plugs, checked plug wires, and replaced coil. It started drove for a day and half the turned car off. went to start next morning and would turn but would not start. what else can i check and what tools do i need and what else can i check
trying to remove air contioner and cant get the belt to loosen what bolts need to be removed and how do i loosen belt to remove air contioner please be specific and what tools are needed
put new battery wont start
how do I get it fixed
My boyfriend went to auto zone to get checked why his check engine light is on. It said the EGR valve is bad. Well a couple weeks about maybe about 1 month ago you can smell gas, after he runs it. He is getting it checked out tomorrow. But another thing is he is using alot of gas also too. About 1\4 of a tank for a 90 miles round trip to work. So I was just wondering if anyone would know what else it could be.
drivers side
I relaced the EGR. I have cleaned the intake several times with spray. I have found oil in the intake below where the tube comes in from the valve cover. Each time I have cleared the code. The light still comes on. Usally it comes on when I'm going down the highway about fifty and break to make a turn. Maybe something to o with the compression. The car has 170 k. The light drives my wife crazy. what can I do to resolve the problem.
I was wondering what the estimate would be to fix a transmission leak which seems to be caused by the gasket having been overtightened, and to see why my check engine light comes on after I am driving on the highway for a while, or over 45 mph basically.
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