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I have fuel injectors that short out and kill the engine.I replace the faulty one and it runs great for awhile and then another one will do the same. I have been installing used injectors. Should i try some new ones or is something else going on. The voltage is in range.Maybe the injector driver in the pcm is faulty and buring out the injectors?
Where is it located and how much should it cost. Can I do it myself--is it easy to remove etc. Are there any pics to assist me.
it cranks wont start wat do i do
idles bad was working fine parked at work and when i got off now it seems like it aint getting the right amount off gas too air when i tried too take off it was jerking bad when i tried to go in reverse it just died my cousin thinks its the o2 sensor any one got any ideas
also had diagnostic on 1993 chevy lumina the code was 33 which means map sensor or massive airflow sensor or both but cant locate the massive airflow
on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it to replace rad myself??
key turns back and forth and will pull out and not turn car off .
The brake pedal is hard to push. does not seem like power brakes. everything seems fine, power bosster holds vacuum, calipers move freely, brakes bled. sometimes in reverse a loose brakes for a second like a gulp of air in the lines then it catches again. my mechanic is at a loss.
the car will start and then stops after about 5 minutes also reves up then goes back to normal,sounds rough. When trying to start it sometimes it takes minutes or even days before it will start again.
Has anyone been about to fix the drivers door and made it continue to work and where were the parts obtained?
How do i replace the Air Conditioner in my 93 lumina?
my 93 lumina idles good but as soon as you put it in drive and start to go you cant do over 10 mph or the car stsrts to jump and sputter like its not getting enough fuel or to much anyone got any ideas what it could be?
I backed my car into a tree pretty hard and every sense then, When i turn the heat "off" I get allot of heat coming from the floor vent,If im stopped no heat, the faster i go the harder it comes out ,, the flap thats supposed to shut is open about an half inch,, If i put it on "defrost" the flap closes with no heat to the floor board to the defrost vents only. Turn defrost off and the flap forces it self open again,,It forces my fingers apart if I attempt to hold it closed. And were from or how is the heat im getting coming through. The blower fan is off. Iv leaned the engine forward to see if there was any damage the the firewall,, didnt see any,, Is there a fresh air intake? and if so may this be were the problem is?
I just installed a fuel pump in the the fuel gage is stuck at full and it only has a couple of gallons in the there a ground or something I should look for or is a sending unit bad on the pump...the gage worked before
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