1993 Chevrolet Lumina Questions

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It Idles little high and while sitting at a stoplight the Idle goes low and lower and then engine turns off.
My turn signals don't work unless I hold the lever up or passenger side and down and push forward or drivers side, The mechanic wants to chage $120 or labor to put the new switch in, is that an appropriate amount to charge?
The wire stays hot even without the key a penny fell in the library hole and shorted it out
No fuses plowed it works sometimes
Rattling noise when driving down the road, and solid thump when a dips in the road
When driving down the road you can hear it hey rattling in the back when you go on a dip sometimes feels like it hits something
I have to turn the key n hold it so its turning over. Pressing on the gas continously or won't start or stay started. I then throw it into drive. Get up speed n does it again.. plz help!
coming up the mountain I hear loud noises likes its coughing it sometimes stalls and it putters aand backfires home
its just a coil pack it doesn't have a distributor it sounds like it has a cam and I don't have a computer to hook up to it.
You can hear the fuel pump. I actually unhooked the fuel line from the fuel filter cleaned it out. Its new, turned the key and gas came out of the fuel line. I could blow through the filter easily. Most ppl tell me its the cost. One car guy says the brain. I don't have a lot of money to put into the car so I'm trying to narrow it down as close as i can before i start throwing parts in i don't know if i should replace the brain, or the sensor, ?
or so it will start. We live in Las Vegas NV and the temp. has been 105 to 110 degrees. The temp. but the temp. light doesn't come on.
What else can I check
the rough idle is from start to warmed up. when accelerating it surges? unless floored. recently it developed a large coolant leak. i cant tell exactly where its coming from be it seems to be from behind the water pumps pulley. the surge has been there since i bought the car. has 243k miles. 3.1 v6 chevy lumina euro. got map and maf codes saying bad compression or bad reading. vague code.
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