1990 Chevrolet Lumina Questions

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It looks like you have to take half the motor off to take the battery out. Is there an easy way that I am not seeing?
so far here is the list of parts that are replaced spark plugs & wires,fuel tank&pump&filter fuel injectors&regulator the main computer &the crank shaft sensor new tires and roter and brakes .it has fuel and spark at the spark plugs im out of ideas please help
If I slide w/screwdriver down column till it engages street it starts,key just turns freely don't turn of engage anything,is it the ignition rod?plz help daughters car
I need a diagram
it was running fine all of a sudden it died and have changed fuel pump. changed crank position sensor and still starts runs for 3 or 4 seconds and dies. starts right back up and does the same thing.
was given this car, put a lot of work into it and got it working like a champ. Turned it on and found out the radio was done for, put a new deck in, only to find out the rear left speaker only worked.... got new speakers 4x6's and 6 1/2's, for the front and back (backs are 6x9 but 6 1/2 works fine). just put them in today and the front 4x6 speakers are not receiving any power... checked fuses under the glove box, none blown... i don't know why they wont work.. please help
the spark plugs are new. that didnt solve the problem.
hi i have a chevy lumina 3.1 engine 1990. it will start fine if it hasn't been running. but after running for thirty minutes, being turned off, then tried to start again, it wont start. Almost as if something is overheated. well i think the problem started after i installed a new radio, I used the radio a few days then it blew a fuse to the (emc or radio fuse i dont remember exactly which fuse was blown) and quit working. the next day i checked the fuses and changed the broken one out it was a 15 for a new one i got from auto zone. the car drove me there fine. i think one place told me there was a short in the starter or the ignition i can not remember which one and i am trying to figure out which one they told me hope you can help. so the car starts fine when it hasnt been running, but when the car has been running for a while and turned off it wont restart. i get the lights to come on but the engine doesnt turn over, it does not make a clicking sound. i wait thirty minutes or so and it will restart if it is in the mid day of 90 degree weather it will take more like an hour before it will restart leading me to think that it is heat related. is there any way to check for a short in the starter or for a bad starter or for a bad solenoid how do i check to see what is exactly wrong with it? also the low coolant light comes on but i took it to the shop yesterday forthat and they said my engine looked great and my coolant system look great and it had fluid in all places it should... idk fan problem? electrical? or starter? they replaced the coolant level sensor but that seemed to be a waste of money. and they seem to not know what they are talking about with my car.
What is approx value of this vehicle (poor appearance, junk yard replaced doors, previously busted tail light)? I need to make a cash offer for repairs (which i feel will not be do except maybe mirror) but I want to be fair.
I found the part for $75, what should labor cost?
Runs fair
Body poor
once i try and give it some throttle it bogs and dies out. as long as i dont touch the gas pedal it will stay idling for a long time but then eventually dies and when i try to go and start it again sometimes it just keeps cranking and wont start at all. what could be the problem? do u think maybe the fuel pressure regulator is bad.
so u think its the pump itself. what about the fuel pressure regulator? i was kinda hesitant on checking that beacause i didnt want to take off the upper intake if i didnt have to
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