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2008 ss impala wife got in this morning turn key nothing no power now key won't turn all the way off or come out dose not have any lights dome dash nothing hooked up battery charger to battery 2 amp slow charge the starter turn on a little so no charge battery good on hooked cables and cleaned terminals still nothing remotes wont do nothing thank you hope you can help scott from mi
put new water pump on drove the car to store could smell it getting hot stopped lifted the hood and the engine was hot and steamy took 3 hours to cool down checked no water in radiator but the over flow bottle is full .does not appear to be leaking from the water pump.
Recently changed radiator and fan assembly. At an idle temp is normal, but just a few moments of driving the engine overheats and I get engine overheat warning on the instrument cluster. The fans are working properly, upper and lower radiator hoses are hot but the radiator itself is cool to the touch, as if no coolant is flowing through it.
Says Odometer Error on my dash which is also causing my Avg Fuel Mileage to not work along with both Trip A&B none of the avg speed or fuel economy stuff works. It says Fuel Range Low no matter if there's a full tank of gas or if there's a 1/4 tank. Doesn't show anything for how many miles are on my car. What could cause this and what maybe the possible solutions for fixing this issue??
When i turn on the AC knob it blinks 3 times and turns off .whats up?
Won't go into gear at times now. Like it's in neutral. Codes. Throttle pos sensor, evap leak, oil pressure sensor switch,intake air flow system performance
car is making a flap, flap, flap, etc and now an alarm is sounding off occassionally, 4 beeps and off
And then all of a sudden, it will kick into gear and jerk a little when it does that. What is causing this? Fuel filter? Throttle body? Help please
my car has 99,000 miles.

Check light flashes and stabilitrak, traction control comes on too
The key turns and the features come on but there's no turn over. She was having problems with the remote and after I changed her battery due to the cold and it being almost dead. When I hooked it back up the alarm was going off and the remote wouldn't disarm it so I turned the key and it came on but after shutting it off, it hasn't came back on since.
Car has 123,000 miles, Occasionally I feel a very slight shudder or release at a stop sign. Today was more pronounced and disticnt. I've been reading about tranny solenoids and or transmission replacement. Where do I go from here? Fluid looks dirty, not low but could use replacement.
This also happened last week and it seems to be fine on the drive home. i checked and the coolant is not low. It also appeared as if the temp gauge was not working. when i got to work the engine was not hat at all. the car has 103,000 miles on it and has never given any problems. hope it is an easy fix.
I have a misfire and my traction control light is on . I have the plug I just need to know which one to replace
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