2007 Chevrolet Impala SS Questions

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My engine should been extracted for a oil pump replacement, and when i started again the engine this problem started to appear on the dashboard.
This happened in a day
The car has plenty of transmission fluid
The manual gear shifts work perfectly fine
It's just when it's on Dribe (D) when the car will not move forward
key is stuck in ign. and will not turn all the way off,also stuck in dome light.all started with a dead battery.traction control light keeps lighting up on the dash.what the heck?
How long will the 07 impala ss run for
My car stalled on me and won't restart. It's flooded out. Didn't make any sounds, just stalled and floated to a stop. Repair shop is saying that there isn't any compression on three cylinders they checked.Back fired through the exhaust.
I trust the shop, but is there anything else that should be checked before moving to the used engine scenario?
About 6 months ago it started making a noise when I turned on the heat or air. It did not do it every time but it is now and it is getting worse. It is now staying on the whole time I am driving and even after the engine is turned off. It is a clicking noise
When I am on a slight incline or even a hill and start to accelerate the car will pop real hard, almost like its going into gear but the transmission mech cant find anything wrong with it. It will also feel like its caught slightly when I am making a sharp turn from a stand still. also the radio will pop off everytime I hit a bump. I can even pop the steering wheel and make it go off. Any suggestions?
I am install an engine and need to know what is the easiest way from the top are bottom.
The car is using more gas and the check engine lit is on code is po522 and po523. Can that cause this problem
replace sencors and cap and relayed
Stopped working for months now.
can not get to the plugs in the back? Is there a special tool to use?
At 65k, I had a transmission torque converter failure. Symptoms were shuddering / surging during particular types of acceleration. At first the dealership "could not reproduce" the shuddering symptoms. Within days, a warranty repair necessitated by a complete transmission failure. Now at 81k miles, the symptoms have returned. The dealership diagnoses a "mass air flow sensor" failure that is not covered by my 100k power train warranty. How can I be sure I'm not again dealing with a torque converter failure? What can I do to force the dealership to confirm their diagnosis? My power train warranty time expires in 1 month.
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