2006 Chevrolet Impala SS Questions

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it's been sitting up for 2 years
car threw code for crankshaft position sensor.It is very difficult to get to,will the car stay running and not shut down
What Else do I need to replace to get the check engine light to stay off
when i'm driving at times and when at times when i back up
Transmission is slipping and not going into gear
Also now says power reduce
I can crank my car let it run for a min cut if off get out then use the remote to crank it and it starts right up but if I just go out to it and try an remote start it the car never cranks lights just flash...what should I do ??
I just bought this 08 impala ss, cause sounded simple fix. Oil high dirty but looks normal. Coolant low. 5.3 can get to barely crank with good jumper even on starter post. Then next time starter just engage and don't have enough power to turn engine over? Napa test starter good? Starter spins fine with no load on it. checked alternator is there anything else that could make engine so hard to crank? Few Plugs look nice tan. No codes in history? Maybe I should pull serpentine belt. Is there anything else to check before digging internally.
I bought the car used. Ever since I bought it my traction control light stays on, my ABS light stays on, and the information center of the gage cluster says "service suspension system" the blinker also blinks really fast although all bulbs work. Also my power steering just suddenly stopped working wit no warning. And last thing is that the check engine light stays on and the code reader said misfire on cylinder 7.
spark plug? I was told I would need to use a 10mm socket in order to get to the spark plug. Any guidance would be appreciate.
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