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I am leaking trans fluid from my radiator connections, when my car is off. I believe it is the upper and lower/in and out connections. I recently lost a lot of trans fluid because my dipstick/filler tube broke where the weld attached to filler tube. Went to check fluid level and pulled the dipstick out and the filler tube slipped out of trans casing, resulting in fluid loss. Upon replacement of fluid, Auto zone gave me DexMerc to use, and I asked them repeatedly if DexMerc was the right fluid type for my car. They guaranteed it was and to my surprise it wasn't. Was told that Dexron 6 is the compatible type after I already used DexMerc (since I can't find Dexron 3 anywhere). Can anyone tell me if fluid type has caused this problem or is it a trans sensor issue or trans filter related problem. Also just replaced radiator with brand new one so I know it's not that cause it was fine before the leak occured. Any insight to what might be causing this issue would greatly be appreciated.
I own a 04 impala SS. Recently while checking my fluid level, the dipstick tube slipped out of the casing, and as you can imagine, it was a mess. Lost nearly all fluid. As I bought the car used I don't know what kind of fluid was last used for tranny. Went to AutoZone and they gave me DexMerc. So I replaced the lost fluid with it. Car now runs shitty. At first it was shifting lightly, then it was slipping going into 2nd gear. Now it is slipping in 1st gear at take off really bad, then engages and catches after a couple seconds and slams into gear when it finally does catch. I have a feeling that DexMerc is not the right fluid type for my car. And on another note I am now starting to leak trans fluid out of my radiator where the trans fluid goes in and out of the radiator. Can someone tell the correct trans fluid that needs to go in my car. Would really appreciate it. Thanks
Replacing my power steering return hose on my 04 SS impala. It seems like it's going to be a nightmare since it was hard enough to get the old one out let alone installing the new one without damaging it. There are a lot of obstacles in the way of the reinstalling process. My question is what is the easiest way to get the job done without damaging the new part? As the steering tie rod, brake assembly/ suspension and the exhaust pipe are all in the way. Was thinking of removing the lower passenger motor mount and suspending the engine with a hoist to make more clearance for the new hose. Or should I not do that. Any advice on how I should address this issue would be helpful and appreciated.
When i rev my engine in my 04 impala SS, the rpm's suddenly cut out at about 45k rpm's. Not like the engine wants to die out or anything it just seems as if it is limited to a certain rpm upon reving in park. Never seen this kind of activity with any of my cars as i can red line the rpm's if I wanted to but not in my impala. Not sure what can cause this except for something within the emission system. Does not occur while driving. Only in park or in neutral. Any suggestions as to what I should look at to solve this problem?
Was wondering if a power steering return hose leak can be fixed instead of having to replace it? Can i use jb weld or rubber hose and clamps to stop the leak? I know the high pressure hose cant be fixed in this manner for the pressure is to great. But can the aluminum PS return hose be dealt with in this way? The leak is under the exhaust pipe about a half inch away from it.
Feels like my fuel pump is not delivering the proper amount of fuel when attempting to start only after i refuel. Starts normal on the 2nd try of starting. The more fuel i put the more it feels like it dont want to start but when i add just a little fuel its not so bad but still a little hesitant. Any input of what might cause this problem?
It want go pass 35 wen I drive it
The parking brake on my car keeps coming on, even when I'm driving down the highway with the cruise on. The red BRAKE light will come on and won't turn off. I've used my parking brake once or twice. Brake fluid levels are fine, already checked.
it doesn't seem to have the power it had
My heater is shutting off intermittently as are my directionals (both). The heater seems to shut off when i go over a bump. The directionals seem more random.
Generally my directionals work when I first start the car but then fail at different points during the day. Both directionals fail and I have tried replacing the fuse.
When I am at a stop and I start from a stop it like hits hard or like a little jerk or slip not sure but only from a complete stop and not always
the car is running hot
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