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I have a new engine spark plugs also bought a new opti crank sensor and also have a brand new fuel pump I'm not understanding why when I accelerate on the gas it stall and it will cut off and it takes a while before it cranks back up the car was sitting for a little while but I don't understand what could possibly be the reason
the car hesitates to start and Once it starts 30 minutes later the car will cut off also I notice that the tachometer needle is not working properly the needle will pop up slightly and go back down while the car is still running and when I rev up the engine no response from tact needle.
the car will crank but wont start
my oil somehow ended up in my coolant. i didnt have symptoms, no overheat or drivability issues. i had just decied to check my coolant and saw chocolate ice cream layer in the reservoir. so i drained the coolant and there is thick sticky oil coating everything...the reservoir, the hoses to and from the radiator, the water pump hoses, etc. it is a layer of gunk and so how do i get it out or flush it out of the system?
no overheat, no drivability issues either. I just happened to check the coolant and the reservoir was full of chocolate sludge. My engine oil leaked in to my coolant somehow. I have drained the coolant and the coolant looked new other than about an inch thick of oil sludge floating on the top of it. How do I clean the coolant reservoir and the entire cooling system of all the sludge that is stuck to the walls of everything, ie. hoses, recovery tank, radiator. Am I going to have to replace it all or is there a way to clean it? how can I verify if the oil cooler is the problem and not a head gasket
Thank you
New pump and hoses
I have a 96 SS impala and it won't start I changed the spark plugs and wires, igniton coil, ignitor, cap, rotor, distributor, air flow meter, fuel pump and nothing worked. can anyone point me in the right direction in getting this car running?
Changed oil 3 weeks ago. Replaced the oil pressure sensor.
Happens when the fan mototr is running. there are no fuel leaks. it appears to be coming from the evaporative control system. i can't locate the source of the odor anywhere. i know two other owners of b-bodies who have the same issue. just decided to live with it. no odor unless the HVAC fan is running
Every time i ride iver a bump the front if the car makes a loud sqeeking noise. What could it be and what do i need to replace?
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