1995 Chevrolet Impala SS Questions

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My title says make: chevy
What are the voltages coming in and out of the thieft deterrent module as well as the neutral safety switch?
D battery is fully charged
Wher in drive low gears regains power
everytime my car sits for a period of time it want start because the battery is completely drained
Start then stalling happens at ever attempt and the 2 to 3 sec. run time seem to be equal on every attemp
The problem normally happens if I have to make multiple stops which causes me to start and stop the car frequently. I know the problem is about to happen because when I apply the gas the car hesitates for about 2-3 seconds then vibrates; shuts off with the keys still in the start position and then finally the check gauge & oil pressure lights will come on. I know it has to do with something electrical or overheating because if I leave the car sitting for over an hour after this occurs, it starts right up and drives like nothing happens. when i take it to the shop they never find anything even though i explain when and how this happens. What could be the issue?
I'm currently getting low oil pressure and "check gauge" light when idling. What do i need to check oil pressure. I'm assuming if oil pressure is fine then i need to replace the sending unit. Has anyone had this problem?
speedo jumps,alt gauge droppes off at 70mph
added a fuel additive, changed o2 sensors, cleaned mass air flow sensors, runs really smooth except at start
it comes on when im ideling at a stop light when i take off it turns off.. one day i turned it on and the car was ideling ruff the put it in gear to reverse and the engine felt like it wanted to stall.. also engine was really hot
Mast broke during car wash and I have replacement mast, but I cannot remove insert in housing.
Car rumbles when i brake
Also the steering wheel drifts to the left when i let go of the wheel. it feels like one of my tires are bout to come off
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