2015 Chevrolet Impala Questions

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I here a clicking sound from my injectors no bad idle, but i smell gas as if the engine is running rich emissions
Just changed the fuel system control module,and still not running,only have 9.5 psi of fuel pressure.what should it be.
Why would I still be having the same problems after replaceing charcoal canister. Car trouble to start, trouble filling up, and stalls when driving sometimes
The suspension on my 2015 impala is very stiff - i feel every imperfection on the road, and potholes completely rattle me. What specific brand/model struts and springs can i buy to replace the current ones that i can know will soften the ride? I don't care about performance, just a comfortable ride. I don't mind some bounce; it's the jolts and jarring that bothers me.
How much to repair a steering wheel rattle. I think it's the outer tie rod or both the outer tie rods. It may be the tires I'm not sure
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