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My stability traction and engine light come on at the same time and when it does this and if you stop it won’t go and it doesn’t show you what gear it is in. I’ve had it to the Chevrolet dealer ship several times and they can’t find anything wrong with it. Now the warranty has run out. I’m a single lady and drive a hour to work. It is getting worse and I have been stalled in traffic several times. If it sets for a while then it will reset. What can I do? This is dangerous and it’s making me nervous.
Replaced brakes and master cylinder what else could the problem be.
when i back up put in drive make a left it grinds an hesatites or when im at a stop an make a left turn it grinds followed by a seveier hesitation witch makes a very dangerous situation. i had both wheel hubs replaced.
My speedometer is not reading right. Says I am going 60 mph when I'm not going that fast
you have to hold fuel nozzle and pump slowley
I am hearing a moderate noise most of the time (sounds like fan blades hitting the side of the housing), and sometimes it is loud. This only lasts for a minute or so and then stops. It happens when I turn the engine on or off, or when I change a setting on the A/C panel. I have a 2013 Chevrolet Impala.
I'm trying to complete my drive cycle for my Chevrolet Impala can I get some help please on how to do this
new struct installed 2 weeks ago
I need to first find where the purge valve is located and then remove and replace the valve. I don't know how to remove the black engine cover.
Loaud noise under hood usually when starting car. Also noticed small dtipping leak coming from under car when backing up to park.
Intermittent and comes on for no apparent reason. Will this affect the wear of tires. All 4 tires have dips in them for no aparent reason. Tires are not vey old and tire company says it is not from their work manship
My cigarette lighter plugs stopped working and I don't know what fuse to replace
Is it OK to disconnect at the rear of the car where the carbon canister connects to the under body tube and at the purge solenoid at the engine to use shop air to clear the tube before installing the new solenoid to prevent any carbon particles from plugging up the new solenoid and prevent it from getting plugged again as a precaution.
I was parking when the abs light came on should I be concerned
I have a 2013 Chevy Impala and a few days ago I had hit a curve and my right passenger tire blowout and I drove a little while to the house. now my new tire is rubbing the back of the frame and the right tire goes in a little to the left and the steering wheel is about 2 o'clock when it's supposed to be straight. Could anyone tell me what the problem could be?
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