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I have to add 3 to 4 quarts of oil every 500 miles. Where is it going?
I use the recomended oil by G.M.
It is not a fuse
The fan stopped blowing, the main box fuses seem to only control the motor fan
To remake another set of keys to my chevy impaula 2012 would it be expensive and where would I go in Bakersfield
Started recently blower would occasionally turn off while it was on then the other day it stopped working all together, what would be the problem and/or best place to start?
code alarm sounded on dash and service stabilitrak message displayed briefly on dash when shifting from drive to reverse with front wheels turned to right. Message cleared on dash before backing manuever
Not the brakes, bearings or axles.... Did see the "Service Stabilitrak Soon" message on my dash, and my steering seems off kilter....
Car wont start, when you turn the key the parking lights flash staedily
One side of my backup light was out i thought the bulb was blown change it and still have no backup light but the brake lights work and everything works but the back up light took it to the shop and they claim the BCM was bad
What causes number 2 cylinder are a bad plugs crushed from possible piston or rod make the car run rough. Took my car to delet ship said I need a $8000.00 motor replacement. Help please.

What could it be
Bought replacement back seat to have fold done console. While installing, heard water sloshing inside seat back. Can'the find way to drain. Appears totally sealed. Should I still try to drain it, or is it sealed enough it won't rust? Had for 2 months before installing, can'the return it. Was kept indoors by me, appears in really good condition otherwise.
warning went away, 2 days later came on, then battery saver came on, car lights on IP flashed all, traction lost, abs failure, and other warnings flashed across my screen, as car came to a stop, engine died, battery was dead. Any ideas, 65k miles
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