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I have a 2012 impala. Ive had it since march of 2018. The cold air was perfectly fine yesterday and all the days beforehand. I got in the car today with my 3 young children and its blowing super hot air instead of cold. The snowflake light is on. Not blinking. The car isnt making any new noises. What could it be then? I'm not sure about leaks. I've seen a couple drops from under the car didnt have no odor or color to it but not enough to leave a puddle. Thought it was normal to see that after driving for a couple hrs in 100 degree weather. Ive always seen other cars leave huge puddles. Really need the air to work having young ones. Please help!
I have noticed that while I am driving the sunroof opens and closes on its own. It doesn't appear to have any rhyme or reason. I also can no longer use the controls to open when I want to. Please help. I have searched forums and none are on Impalas, rather sunroofs in general (sunroof drains or crush sensor). The sunroof doesn't leak and doesn't appear to be off track. I am just concerned that one day it will open and won't close. Thank you!
I used my seat switch to lower my driver's seat but it wont raise back up. I lowered it to its lowest position but the seat wont rise when i use switch. It's now stuck in lowered position.
why does my steering wheel shake above 45mph?
I filled up my car engine light went out drove it 400 miles still registered over half a tank of gas said I had 230 miles left to drive took it to the shop fuel pump was fine change the sending unit and still no luck.
While driving yesterday my service stabilitrack message came on followed by reduced engine power. I got home let it set a few hours restarted and those where gone. Drove around my neighborhood and they did not come back up but my check engine light remains lit.
I have to add 3 to 4 quarts of oil every 500 miles. Where is it going?
I use the recomended oil by G.M.
It is not a fuse
The fan stopped blowing, the main box fuses seem to only control the motor fan
To remake another set of keys to my chevy impaula 2012 would it be expensive and where would I go in Bakersfield
Started recently blower would occasionally turn off while it was on then the other day it stopped working all together, what would be the problem and/or best place to start?
code alarm sounded on dash and service stabilitrak message displayed briefly on dash when shifting from drive to reverse with front wheels turned to right. Message cleared on dash before backing manuever
Not the brakes, bearings or axles.... Did see the "Service Stabilitrak Soon" message on my dash, and my steering seems off kilter....
Car wont start, when you turn the key the parking lights flash staedily
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