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It is showing oil pressure low? It cuts off at a red light?And it acts like it don't wants to go once you are driving? Can you please help and tell me what's going on with it.
The turn signals work but there is no noise coming from them, no seat belt noise, no door chime either. How do I fix this?
Is it the alternator
I've had the car looked at by three people they say it's fine I'm burning gas like crazy and the car drives slower then my sisters caviler the car just doesn't have the take off anymore it feels like something is clogged idk what's going on it's very frustrating
replaced wires, and light still stays on

How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
my wife's 2011 Chevy impala LT is having some charging issues. once this week she came out to the battery completely dead and had to be jump started. then today (8/15/17) she was sitting in the car with it running on her break and the service battery light and service charging system light came on then the car died. a co worker again jump started the car and when she turned the ignition off the car would not start again. so i went and jump started the car and it is running fine now drove it home 15 miles and it has started several times with no issues and service messages at all. i tested the cells in the battery with a hydrometer and all the cells checked out fine. then i took the car to o'rileys and had the charging system tested and every thing, alternator, and battery and starter came back good, also the terminals have no corrosion and have a good connection. i'm wondering if its a ground or if its an intermediate problem with the alternator that is happening every once in a while and is on its way out? any advice from someone with any more knowledge about this issue would be much appreciated.
I have gotten a new alternator and new battery it pops up maybe 1 minute after I start the car. I have had people hook it up to see what it could be but its not seeing anything wrong with it.
When I turn left, I hear a grinding noise on the left front side of vehicle, the car stalls/ seize up for a few seconds...then I can precede to driving. The abs light is on, service stabilitrak light, traction control light and the brake assist light is on. I have numerous similar individuals online complaining of the same thing. This is a 2011 Chevy impala with approximately 115,000 miles. It has been doing this for a few months.
My Car will crank go in reverse an in drive! But I mash the celerator it want do anything! It's been this way for a while I was told I needed a fuel pump! Got it still doing the same thing please tell me what's going on
When you turn on heat an air
When outside temperature goes up a/c cuts off. Will come back on if I turn fan to a higher setting
Does a vapor canister have anything to do with an a/c cutting off while it's running happens when it's really hot outside
My airbag service light came on today 3/29/2017 after I ran over a skateboard. First time this has happened.
I have to change right front engine mount and I need a step by step on how to do it
I made a u-turn at 5 mph and heard a loud grinding noise from under the hood and my ccar wont move in any gear i even tried to push it in neutral and the trans seems to be locked up. I have taken off one of the cv axles to move the car. there is no codes
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