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MONDAY: Car started drove 20 miles then noticed temp guage showed cold plus warning light showed "Engine Hot - Turn Off A/C. (The a/c wasn't on & the check engine soon light wasn't on). Turned off car & checked under hood. No obvious leaks, steam, smoke, hissing...everything looked fine. Drove another 200 miles all seem ok.
TUESDAY: Took to get computer checked for trouble codes...Nothing found but after they disconnected computer the temp gauge worked fine & warning light disappeared.
WED: Car ran fine for 50 miles with no engine overheating
THURSDAY: Ran fine for 30 miles then turned-off while driving & won't start / crank

Local repairman (questionable competence) states the engine locked-up, water pump leaking & I will need overhaul/new engine.
He also knows I'm not going to sink a lot of money into it & I think he is just wanting to get rid of me & charge me for diagnostic time
My 2010 Chevy Impala LTZ seized up after oil change after about 5 miles the car just completely shut down I took the car back to the shop so I had it tow back to the shop. in which they said they found antifreeze in my oil and they said something's wrong with the engine previously all I needed was a oil change and now it's saying my engine is malfunction somehow. The heck the head mechanic said that it's a song type of coincidence that happened with my car and how the antifreeze got into the oil. What recourse do I have and is it possible if it was in my oil how to get in there and is it enough to seized an up thank-you.
knocking in engine of 2010 impala lt i just bought a month ago. dont know why its knocking tried a few things nothing worked. ive noticed that its knocking from the top of the engine, idk it still runs and drives and there is no check engine light. no leaking, change knock sensor, spark plugs, and oil change. idk can someone help?!
I need to know why my car is leaking after getting the power steering return hose repaired I never had this problem of course when the got repaired but it shouldn't be leaking any more because the hose should of fixed the problem
Shows there is a CD in it but there isn't an it doesn't give me no error what do I do
Hd a tire blowout and tries to crank car and my key wont move or crank the car up
I have a 2010 impala, my check engine light kept coming on so I ran some codes on it come to find out i had to replace my throttle body! It still acts the same I can only drive it for 15/20 minutes before it starts to idle and then eventually die when I come to a complete stop, everywhere I take it don't know what wrong because the engine light ant on
when door is opened there is a ticking noise in the dash
What seems to make the problem better or worse? all the time
car keeps over heating has leak in coolant somewhere. thermostat was checked and working.
Light stays on always when engine is on
My turning singal works for a second then starts flashing fast won't light up in the back fuses and bulb work so idk if it might be the brake light sensor?
Car hasn't been shut off yet but I'm not trying to wait on them to shit it off cause I want pay or can't pay there insurance right now!!!
noticed it doesn't show what gear im in hasn't been like could it be a sensor stopping it from starting
It will only move a short distance if it is turned off then back on. then will not move in any gear.
When we replaced them.
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