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What seems to make the problem better or worse? If you put it in reverse and give it a lot of gas then put it in drive it will shift normal for a couple of times
How long have you had this problem? 3 days ago
I was on my way from Alma to Reed City when it went out
Have two cylinders not working, one needs to be reground and has disconnected piston. Price I was quoted was too much -- another mechanic suggested total engine replacement.
It makes the sound until it gets warmed up but still makes a little after that even. I am tired of getting ripped off I am a female and not a lot of money
My 2009 chevy impala has 200,000 miles. I know with this amount of miles major maintenance is required, but i have this vibration feeling when im at a stop light or in park that i can feel while pressing the brake pedal. Rmps seem fine. Any help will be appreciated
What is the easy way to change the rear spark plugs on 2009 chevy Impala
This is for a Chevy Impala LTZ 2009. I was told at the dealership that I need to replace the module for the airbag that's under the driver's seat because the airbag won't deploy.
i replaced o2 msensor on both , sp[ark plugs, new tires and air filter but check engine lights still on.
My car vibrates going down the road at all speeds. I have balanced the tires twice. I got an allignment. And I still have a very noticeable rumble. Its very uncomfortable. I've heard things about the subframe. I don't know where to start with that. Any suggestions?
to keep coming on. Need help
when i use the button to unlock or lock the car doors on the 2009 chevrolet impala sometimes both front doors will unlock and lock or both front and back doors will unlock and lock or the passenger side and the driver's side back door will unlock and lock can you tell me what the problem is ty
i have a 2009 chevrolet impala i pushed the keyless button to start the car got in it stuck the key in to presume running all of a sudden there was a tapping noise when i turn off the ac it stopped for a sec then started up again i got home turned the car off it was still doing it i raised the hood of the car because it sounded like it was coming from somewhere under the hood also after i turned off the car totally the radio kept playing even when the key isn't in the ignition switch please help me
i have a 2009 chevrolet impala when turning left it would grind but not all the time also the traction control and abs light is on can anyone tell me what's going on i really like the car
Why does it start then dies
loud noise from engine sounds like revving up noise when you have to manually shift only its a automatic
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