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How much does it cost for wiring for headlights
the car is turned off and air is turned off but air is still blowing air
Whirring noise when first start car, then goes away after a second. Just started when the starter was replaced
The car is running out of fuel before the gauge shows empty and the monitor shows 82 more miles until empty .
I changed my EVAP vent valve and turned off the check engine light. My car was rejected for emissions testing because the evaporative system monitor wasn’t ready. How long before the computer cycles and is ready to retest?
I have a 2008 Chevy Impala, and lately when I put my car in reverse to park it been shutting off. And I have to put it in park and turn the key back and start the car back up in order to park my car .. It doesn't happen every day but today it 4/3/18 and it happened today , yesterday and on friday so its happening more frequently. I had this car for over two years no issues .
I’ve replaced ECM, TCM and CKP sensor. Starter has been tested and it’s fine. No check engine light or theft deterrent light. If I jump the starter from its relay the car will crank but not turn over. When I place key in ignition and turn it over, I don’t hear anything. No clicks, no fuel pump engaging, nothing happens. I was getting DTC trouble code P0315 before and since I’ve replaced the sensor. All grounds are good. What else could I be missing?
My 08 impala is reading code p0113 and I have replaced the air intake temperature sensors and also the oil pressure sensor and the o2 sensor regarding that specific code. Is there a reason why the code is still coming up even though there shouldn't be any reason it would come up
We have a 2008 Impala, we just changed the cam sensor seemed to be fine. but the next morning when we started it remotely the car died after a few minutes. so we started it with the key. The engine starting making a ticking noise that seems to go away for a few mins after you rev the engine. The oil is fine so we know thats not the issue. Not sure what is going on with it now.
I am looking for a possible answer to why I have no heat 2008 Chevy Impala LT. I had the thermostat and coolant replaced about a week ago when problem first occured..It was fine for a week and now suddenly no heat again..The temp gauge shows normal, no noises from car, no coolant leaks. Any idea what may be the problem? Bill
Whenever the lights come on, the car makes a loud beep every 10 seconds.
3.5L v6 flexfuel. Feels like the whole vehicle is vibrating, almost like ABS but slightly less intense. Always happens from a stop, wheels straight or turned. I don't accelerate very quickly from stops. Letting off the gas for a moment then accelerating again makes the rumbling stop. Front tires are maybe halfway through their lifespan, rears just got changed changed a month ago. I took it to a shop a couple months ago for the same problem, got the following replacements: Delco control arms, Delco front hub assys, (MOG?) F sway bar link kits, (DTM?) Eng mount hydraulic, (WES?) Trans mount, akebono ceramic f/r brakes, (CEN?) f/r H.C. coated discs. Car was driving smoothly after service, until about 2 weeks ago. Mechanic was just replacing anything he saw needed some tlc (he knew im student on a budget), but seemed a bit stumped by the description I gave him and was unable to replicate it himself. Sometimes it'll happen once in 5 trips; sometimes twice/several times in one trip. I don't r
2008 Impala auto trans
squeals when starting
drives for a few blocks and slowly slips out of gear
appears to be in neutral and requires time with the engine off then a restart.

replaced trans no leaks and not the motor.
is this even worth the trouble? I do not want to spend more than 500$?
There is no sound. There no air, hot or cold. Nothing is blowing out as if i did not even turn it on. It worked earlier this morning got back in the car about an hour later and just nothing.
my transmission seized up and I could not push it off the road. The reason Im asking is I had just had the tie rods replaced, new brakes and warped calipers replaced on that side. Could one of those things come loose and jammed the tire causing the transmission to seize up ? I have rear wheel drive so I don't know how the front wheel could seize
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