2007 Chevrolet Impala Questions

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Periodically, the car won't start and I have a new battery and rebuilt starter. One click over on the ignition and the letters on the gear shift come on. Second click and the lights and radio comes on. IF the check engine light comes on, the car starts. IF the check engine light doesn't come on, it won't start. Help!

Both are 3.5 L V6 motors are they interchangeable? I called GM and they told me yes.

trying to find a header panel for a 2007 impala. not SS. but only coming up with radiator support part. Is it the same thing as I need the part that can hold the headlights in place.

comes on while driving followed by beeping noise reason why this is happening

the coolant seems as it is coming for the cap but not sure. i have to put anti freeze in it every week and watch in constantly leak out.

will turn over but wont crank tried starter fluid nothing jumping it off doesnt work

Appears switch has gone bad.Switch stuck in second position not allowing me to shift either way for towing.

Some times so hard it feels like have been rear ended. This happens randomly.

Coolant leaks out when added. Replaced radiator and hoses. Could this be the water pump?

As soon as I put oil in, it spills out.. Not a mechanic by far.. And dont want to be ripped off again like I was by a household name garage.. Oil all over under carriage of car. Slight rattle while driving

Check engine light came one. Trusted mechanic said error read out was vapor canister vent solenoid. Replaced for a couple hundred bucks. Two weeks later, check engine light on. This time error read out is fuel tank pressure sensor. 400 plus buck for repair. Less than 100 miles later the light is on again. Anybody else reporting unreliable check engine light readings. My gut feeling is that these things should not be failing this quickly in sequence.

will not reset

Only when starting the car,it jerks and i can't find the problem. After it starts and i run ot is ok

3.5l california emmisions, is there a way to change to a fed emmisions set up