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I have had a clicking noise behind my dash whenever I turn the A/C on from fresh air to cabin air for just over a year. The clicking noise lasts for about 1-2 minutes and stops. Early on, this was the only time the clicking would ensue. Now, I hear it when I turn the car off as well. Also, I was still getting cold air but could tell that the "outside air" was still coming in even though I pushed the button for cabin air. I can still hear the system ramp up when I attempt to turn the air on, however, I'm only getting hot air like I have the heat on instead of cold air, and still get the clicking. Trying to find out if its just the blend door actuator, or if its also a bad compressor or if I just need the system recharged. I've never had either repaired/replaced since owning the car for the last 7 years - waiting on an estimate from the local shop I go to for minor repairs. Trying to ease my anxiety. Have been enjoying not having a car note and don't want to put out $ unnecessarily.
first time it came on,had the diagnostics machine hook up, found fluid running rich added a bottle of the fuel thing to gas, stayed off about a week, then came back on.

took to a garage, the mechanic he unhooked battery, checked wiring, light went off for a couple of hours then came back on, no noises present.
Only goes 40 mph
One day I was driving in the car and the car shut off I notice that the car shut off while I was still in drive and I could not put the car in park and the key was stuck in the ignition with all the windows rolled down I was not able to roll the Windows backup because there was no power going to the windows. The car would not cut back on and the buttons inside the car would not let me lock the doors or Pop the Trunk. But the horn door chimes alarm system and radio all function perfectly fine. The fob key only unlocks the door Pop the trunk but does not lock the door or start the car. There's also a lock and car icon lit up on the dashboard with the Airbag Service icon. Yet the dashboard still reads that the car is in Drive and I cannot access anything until it rear the car is in park. So I charged the battery now the box that show what gear the cars in is gone still same issue. In order for me to release the key or to switch gears to move the car I have to press the silver button
We have a 2007 Chevy Impala. When we are driving down the road the doors will relock, the lights in the dash go off and come back on and the head lights go off and come back on. It will do sometimes 2-3 times while we are driving
Had plugs and wires replaces 5 days later coming to a stop engine light starts flashing and car started jerking and shaking bad. Had mechanic check and was told was ignition coil #2 wasnt sparking. We went to junk yard and got one hooked it up and still did the same thing but coils and wires were sparking. We took 2 front spark plugs and they were already black it got dark so he hasnt checked back 3. Any suggestions i just purchased this car for $5000 and dont have any extra cash. Water pump believed to have water pump leak
No fluid coming out.. wipers come on but no fluid and I’m not hearing the motor either.
Need to know where fuel lines connect to on gas tank and fuel pump 2007 impala
When I'm driving my car jerks real hard. Or when I'm at a light or stop sign it doesn't want to go.
Well I know it needs to be replaced, I was wondering if I could do it myself
I'm being told someone hacked into the anti theft lock system and now the 2007 Chevy Impala is starting driving but will stall how do I reset it
When accelerating from 30 60 it has a violent wobble good tires changed control arms and train mount
The car starts fine but wont come out of park The abs light is on as well as the brake light and traction control light
It Idles Rough A service traction Control light stays on an engine light also . its throwing these codes p0301 p1174
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