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A engine hot a/c hot error message comes on. Then a week later my check engine light came on. My coolant is full the vehicle heat is working fine and the engine is not hot. I'm honestly think it's my ect sensor
I drive my car and my rpm gas, and mph want tell me anything its basically just not moving ao whats the problem it started today.
PSP reservoir bone dry after 5 miles driving no leaks near or around pump, replaced high pressure line, return line no leaks, leaks at center front subframe.
Should either repair have cost me $350.00.
Always seems to be heat coming out not sure if i have knobs in off position
On the hood of my car been kept in mint condition
Where is the camshaft position sensor located at on a Chevy impala 2006 3.5
This Impala has 263,000 miles, runs great, drives great until hard left hand turn, then slips out of gear. After turn and straighten wheel it continues to drive smooth. No hard shifting or any other issues. After seeing complaints could use help with diagnosis and repair of this problem please. Thank you! Chris Buster 502-440-0785
Just last week the car wouldn't start with the key until I turned the key over then it start now it does nothing turning the keys both ways nothing
3.5L engine
Working with friends 06 Impala. There is a sweet smell coming from the vents at times when A/C is on. I know this usually indicates a faulty heater core, but I checked the floorboard carpet and felt no dampness this morning. Checked for visible leaks, and saw nothing. Didn't have a pressure tester available for more in depth check. Also when I pulled the pressure cap, it was gunked up with an orange gritty substance, which was really thick. I actually pulled a big ball of it out, so radiator definitely needs to be flushed. Even though I did not feel dampness I still believe the smell could be caused by a defective heater core which caused corroded fluid. Or corroded fluid caused defective core. Are there any other possibilities? The only thing that has me questioning is the lack of wetness on floor. Also tried to check for electrolysis with no indication. I am not sure of the accuracy of the cheap multi meter I was using either. Any ideas or suggestions or even a comformation of my heater core guess would be appreciated.
theft system bypass
I have check engine light on & has a code P00011 & P0302 how do i fix this
it also shakes while in cruz control but not as much while using the gas petal
I changed the throttle bottle and drove around a few days and my dashboard light came on again saying engine power reduced. Is my fuel system failing
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