2005 Chevrolet Impala Questions

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My car will not move in drive but will go in reverse

After having the line replaced it stopped leaking, now its leaking again but apparently a different spot.

The engine won't crank

How can I fix my gas needle it stuck and will not move stay s at the bottom of the gauge

Car was driving normally with no signs of trouble then all of a sudden it started running hot so i got it parked and had my mechanic to come look at it he thought it was the intake gaskets until he checked the trans and its a strawberry milkshake color and he says theres water in the ATF so he wants to replace the radiator and flush trans. I want to know if this sounds like the right thing to do? The car had no signs of trouble when it happened so I don't know what to do next.

and get reprogrammed.

To find and replace fuse #10 hoping it may restore the proper function of the speedometer. Basically I need a speedometer fix.

It went through standing water during storm it it a grounding issue n where r the wires for the sending unit on the engine

Sometimes I gotta push the gas pedal to the floor to start the car. Why is that?

Just had the rack changed 2 weeks ago and today heard a squealing noise and very hard to steer.

Car won't start, battery is good starter is good

Heated catalyst and AC refrigerant not supported

Lights come on got a new Battery. Took to Auto Zone they hooked it up didn't find any thing..So what's the problem yall need to do a recall cause iv seen a lot of the same problems that I'm talking about right now....We all need to get together an get a law suit started cause this doesn't make any sense. .