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My Chevy Impala 2005 has brown sludge in the radiator. It was flushed twice, now my car is trying to overheat. What do I do, change the radiator?
My driver seat is slitly twisted and will not go forward all the way to get the back bolts out to remove and adjust nor will it go all the way back any suggestions to do it urself or what the cost may be to have it done like I said it only moves 1/4 of the way forward and back wards I'm a tall man and its my only vehicle right now????
When i put my key in my ignition switch there is no sound at all do I need a new ignition switch to bypass the security or what do I need to get to get my car to start
About 2 weeks ago I had left it originator several minutes, it died, didn't want to restart but finally.did but then drove very rough for about10 minutes before driving pretty normal after that..Then.about 3 days later I was driving down street and it started riding and driving very rough before acting normal again. Finally yesterday I was driving up a small heel and again it started driving and handling.very rough.again. I was about 1 mile from.home so shortly after it began to act normal I was home, shut car off until next morning went to start it to leave but no, would not start. What can this be? Thank you!

For the past 3 days my car has been wanting to die while I'm driving down street. I have to keep pressing and messing with gas pedal to keep it from dieing while being drove. It starts sputtering and like slightly, buck-jumping when it's acting like this but up until last night, it would do all that randomly and then seem to drive ok after a few minutes.last time in 3 days that it did this was last evening, I was bout 1 mile

from home coming up small incline and it started cutting out, Didn't wanna go, I had to like 'feather' the gas pedal some to make it up the hill but then it started driving normal and I made it home and parked. This morning I went to leave but the car just kept turning over ( battery is pretty new & strong)but/ and car would not start for anything. Just glad I did get it to my house and it didn't stall out on me that last mile I had to go! Thank ya Jesus
Just need to play my CDs. I never known a car without a CD player

i want to buy a new 2017 or 2018 impala. why on earth did they stop including them in these models. i will not by any car without a cd player. i am tired of hearing "bluetooth & streaming". dumb move on their part. the LTZ is the only model that has one. but that is a $40,000 car!
thanks, mark
I bought a 2005 Chevy implala realized I had no heat started to look at the blower motor and realized the wiring to it was cut in half looks like someone cut the pig tail out I don't know which wire goes to which
This is not a constant problem, it happens off and on. When I start the car or while driving, all illumination disappears, then later comes back on.

This 2005 Chevy Impala has 203,000 miles on it.

I had ignition cylinder replaced in April and that's when I started having illumination problems in a few places on the dash, but yesterday ALL illumination disappeared at once.

Thanks for any guidance you can offer.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I don't notice a pattern.
How long have you had this problem? Loss of all illumination started Aug. 16 but a few spots have been dark on dashboard since April 2017.
So im having an issue my windows work fine when the key is on acc on or running but when i turn it off the windows will not work.. the radio staus on for the 10 min or until i open the door just no power to the windows..
My car will not move in drive but will go in reverse
After having the line replaced it stopped leaking, now its leaking again but apparently a different spot.
The engine won't crank
How can I fix my gas needle it stuck and will not move stay s at the bottom of the gauge
Car was driving normally with no signs of trouble then all of a sudden it started running hot so i got it parked and had my mechanic to come look at it he thought it was the intake gaskets until he checked the trans and its a strawberry milkshake color and he says theres water in the ATF so he wants to replace the radiator and flush trans. I want to know if this sounds like the right thing to do? The car had no signs of trouble when it happened so I don't know what to do next.
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