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Ive already done a fuel filter and regulator.could it be my fuel pump?&if so is there aan access in the trunk to change it? Thank u
Changed both the high and low Bram lights go after market Hids and they were working just fine than out of know where the high beams would stay on all the time even when the car was off. Any ideas what could be wrong?
I had my rear pads and rotors changed 2 days ago. They said I need a new E-brake but would be fine w/o it for a bit. I drove it home from work and everything seemed fine?
Already replaced coil packs fuel pump& filter computer and mapping sensor

Hard shifting started today
My Impala wont start sometimes it does not say anything.. I bought a new battery replaced the Stater and it still starts only sometimes. I see the security light only sometimes not all the time.. The lights come on all the dash lights are on the radio comes on but it won't start won't crank won't say anything.. I am baffled and don't know what to do
I haven't taken my car in for the recall & now it won't start & the check engine light comes on. Is this caused by the defect in the ignition?
My check engine light isn't on no oil light or anything but sometimes it seems like it dont have a lot of power. I have to step on it to back up. And I noticed today it didnt want to switch gears on the high way (the second gear ) my review mirror light turns on 5 minutes after I push the button to turn it on like it's got a short in the wires. And only sometimes when it does switch gears it jumps and I smelled a burnt smell coming from under the hood
2004 impala 3.400 ,cars cutting out 10mph or less or at a stop ,have to keep gas idling so it won't cut out ,have 2 push gas to start . thought it needed a tune up because of this and the loss of power ,spark plugs replaced plus wires ,when doing plugs Machanic said there was gas in them plus 45&6 plugs were reading a miss fire on the comp but Machanic couldn't figure out why ,checked coils ,checked altinator?,no change ,changed fuel filter and fuel regulater ,no change but now the check engine light comes on what gives ?,gas pump not making any noise ? Did the expensive fuel treatments with premium gas little bit of change but now back to normal again ,fuel injectors ? Should've got better with treatments right ? Tired of kicking out $ and none of these dudes can figure it out ???
the light comes on and I cant start my car with my key but It starts up fine with my auto start ... kinda of lost about that
after going through deep wate, the car starts but runs rough and stalls, untill warmed up.
Replaced the plug with new pigtail i bought from the dealer. The shifter not moving was the first problem we had that is fixed now but the key staying the ignition still happens. I double checked all the connection i soldered all the splices and heat shank them all properly. everything is good. everyone say its the yellow wire? rechecked all fine??? have use manual override to release key. Please help!!! any suggestions????
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