2004 Chevrolet Impala Questions

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This light has been on for few days
Engine chatters sometimes and doesn't others.
Bit then almost dies .
I've replaced the tensioner 3 times for good measure. Checked pulley alignment multiple times and they are straight. Broke the tensioner while driving last year and since then the factory belt size is to large now. The next size down world's but is tight on the pulleys causing it to stretch and eventually break. Maybe the rubber on the crank pulley has gone bad? I've looked it over a bunch and am at a loss. Been a mechanic for 20 years roughly (professionally for 7 before giving it up and going back to parts sales for a consistent paycheck) and i am stumped by this. Any ideas?
Only problem i had was i busted my plug on the radiator, it never ran hot now after i replaced the radiator it's running hot as soon as i start to goes from cranking to 260 instantly
This happens every time I brake when driving 45+ MPH. I've also heard scraping/rubbing noises from my brakes at low speed after the car has heated up.
Yesterday, the "Low Brake Fluid" light came on.
I have an appointment in a couple of days that could be a warranty job, so I'd like to know what issues might be found that would be outside the brake/rotor warranty.
I want to put spark plugs in my car myself how hard is it
the car has 170,000 miles on it and just had the balancing pulley replaced, about 2,000 miles ago. thought it was my battery at first or maybe the alternator, but both of those have been ruled out.
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