2004 Chevrolet Impala Questions

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Makes tapping noise and slightly sluggish when increasing speed.
Car drives fine with steady acceleration. When coming to a stop or slowing down with foot off accelerator it just dies.
Car starts with no problem , after driving with no specific amount of time, it shuts off, after waiting no specific amount of time trying to restart the car it starts again only to shut off again
i put 1 qt. high mileage oil the rest regular
the radio is at full vol. by the way.
Car winning. Leaking fliud
the code comes up as P0300 mutil miss fire I changed the spark plug wires
My steering wheel is unlocked but when I stick my key in the ignition it won't turn
starts better but still some time it act like it don"t want to. code po327 &code po128 is on
Bought it cheap. Owner was a manager at fast food. Pulled in and parked - came out- wasn't running. Fed up and bought a new car so it sat 6 months.

SO FAR WE HAVE... Bought a new battery. The guy's run a check on all the fuses, fuel pump, fuel lines, replaced crank sensor, tested coil packs four times all is good,still won't start? Like it's not getting the message to fire?
Also he checked Ignition Control Module first thing- pulled it out and had it tested from the get-go.
car dont start just cranks then hours later starts check engine on
No engine light on, and has no more than 140xxx miles on it
when I try again it will then start. Sometimes I may have to try it twice. what could it be
I see that there is a very common problem in the 04' Chevy Impala. My transmission sometimes slips, shifts hard or jerks really hard coming out of 1st gear at a dead stop. I love my car however it's really annoying.
And if the manifold needs to be replaced will it cause the car to just stop running or possibly create a fire?
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