2003 Chevrolet Impala Questions

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Don't know where my hazard light switch is

It started acting erratic rpm and now it won't stay running

i have a 03 impala with a 4t65e tranny that is skipping real bad....found a 2000 bonnivile with a 4t65e tranny will it fit the 03

have tried everything but continues to lose pressure and after acceleration it becomes low
will not acerlarat over 4000 rpms

I saw on the 2000 Impala it did, so does the 03 have one too? I can tap my hazard light switch and the blinkers will work one time or maybe 20 times, and then it stops again.

The car starts and seems to operate early in the day and on highways. It stalls out in traffic. We've had numerous so called "mechanics" who've diagnosed our car and tried, unsuccessfully, to fix it. My wife and I are retired and rely on this vehicle as our main source of transportation. Can you help?

What would make loud acceleration motor sound while driving, but quiet at idle?

Driver turned ignition but car won't turn over how do I get it to start


it starts good dosent jerk when shifting takes off good . gets to 30 with no problem then does not seem to want to shift in to 3rd where you can pick up more speed. what could be wrong. 140,000 miles

My engine light comes on and when I wont to put the gas pedal down, to speed up or go up hills the engine surges and does not speed up,plus the engine runs hot etc.

one fan went out but i connected it directly to the battery so now both working but i cant get a 1/4 mile without it going into red in the street right please

After i have drove the car a few minutes the Security light comes on and stays on until I reach destination. The car starts o.k. the next time. Sometimes Security light comes on again, sometimes it doesn't. I need to know why this is happening. Thanks

New pvc valve, crankshaft sensor, mass flow sensor, temp sensor, aidle sensor, camshaft sensor , fuel filter and I believe that is it... Crankshaft sensor was replace because of the code that came up when the car started having this crank but no start issue.. Get fuel , get spark but no start.