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2003 Chevy Impala high idling we replaced tps and there is no codes. Also no vacuum leaks. We are at our wits end on this. Also how much will this cost to repair?
I’m gonna flush and change the fluid myself I just want a parts list and amount of fluid I should purchase to do the job
Problem occurs when engine is warm . Approximately around the time it's about to shift .
The car Isn’t stalling but it is running a little rough.
It’s getting colder in northern Michigan, went to defrost my windows and turn the heat on and even at normal operating temp it’s still ice cold. It does however seem to try and overheat while stepping on the gas pedal, my transmission fluid is topped off and just got the oil changed.
My car started make a nose, put oil in it. Oil pressure light flashed and went off. Went to pull in the driveway an my car cut off. Is there something mager wrong or just the oil pump?
Not so smooth of the final drive shift. 215,000 miles. Very well maintained, but nothin to the automatic. Otherwise transmission functions properly.
I was using cruise control down the highway when I noticed my engine was overheating. I tried to turn on the interior heat full blast to cool it down but the fan wouldn't turn on. Then it would not rev about 2000 rpm or accelerate and I began working my way to the slow lane when it shut off and I lost everything but breaks. When I got into the shoulder it started bellowing smoke from the engine and I noticed a serious leak of watery brown liquid that was definitely not oil. This all took approximately 6 minutes to happen. I let it cool down and checked all the fluid but the radiator fluid because I didnt feel like getting a face full of it, and the oil was very low. I filled it up and after a good struggle I managed to get it started again, but it was idling from 500 to 1500 rpm and the engine was making a knocking noise near the farthest passenger side cylinder. I turned it off and had it towed home. When the truck lifted it up the watery liquid poured out like a garden hose and I also noticed a plastic shield underneath is broken that wasn't broken before. My best guess' are I hit a piece of debris that I didnt see and it took out my radiator coolant line, or my engine oil was bone dry and I seized my motor (which seem unlikely because I got it started.) Any ideas? All suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you!
My 2003 chevy impala always stalls and acts like its not getting fuel. I can come off the gas then get back on it then it will go. Sometimes it even stops on me. It especially does it when im at a red light. I just spend 628.00 n problem still occurring. I then took it to the Chevrolet dealership n they charged me 468.00 n now less than a week later its doing the same thing. Please help me.
How long have you had this problem? Months

What seems to make the problem better or worse? When engine is hot
How long have you had this problem? Recent
Before i cleaned the mass air flow sensor &it ran good for a while but this time i replaced the sensor,changed the sparkplugs & replaced the transmission filter but no change.3.4L
I replaced the mass air flow sensor,transmission filter and spark plugs but no change.
what do u think i should be looking to replacing
Water in gas tank
Don't know where my hazard light switch is
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