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I have a 2002 impala that seems to have one thing happen after the other. For quite a while the low oil pressure light was blinking even after we changed the oil. Now a red light is flashing about the engine. My husband is not a mechanic and said he is pretty sure it needs a new oil pump. I called around to get prices on that and a car shop told me that he thinks it sounds more like we just need to replace the oil pressure switch which will be a lot cheaper. I googled symptoms of it and it sounds about right but how can we know for sure without having to keep towing it back and forth. We haven't noticed any oil leaks
Just got this car last week. 3 or 4 times turn key won't do anything. Then it'll start. Turn key on. lights come on. Dash lights. But won't turn over. Last two days been raining. So hasn't started in 2 days. Seen on another forum lots other people had same problem. But no one seem to have the answer.
have 1992 I just smashed the engine has 111500 miles never leaked a drop of oil car totaled i have a 1998 i can buy bad motor will the swap
Charge the battery and ride round for a couple hours, the next morning the car will not start. Charge the battery again the same thing happen the morning.
How to replace flasher relay
My engine and radiator overheats after a mile or two of driving once the radiator overheats there's a small leak underneath the hose from the radiator that distributes the fluid from the radiator to the engine block could this be caused by corrosion could this be fixed by Flushing the radiator it was leaking from a black piece underneath the hose on the side of the radiator same place it is leaking from now over a month ago I put some block seal in it and it stopped but when it heats up is the only time at leaks from there could this be corrosion build up can it Be fixed by just Flushing
After the car get heat up
every time I start the car sometimes it may run a little longer
Running out of gas all the time
Driving n all of a sudden it's like my car was in neutral I pulled off the road put it in reverse and the motor just revs up wen I hit the gas transmission fluid was full tried again same results I have no idea
Put new plugs and wires on it new water pump thermostat started right up after putting on plugs and wires on .Took it around block it ran like it wanted to stall ! Took her BK home shut it down and it does same thing before replacing plugs and wires! It will crank over but not start. Plz help!
Heater connectors in block. Had heat for like two hr and BK to running hot and wanting to stall..Put new plugs and wires and smoked for first few times of starting and the smoke quit but runs like it's missing and wants to stall what else am I to do ! Before putting plugs and wires in it would backfire trying to start it! It would turn over but not start! Put wires and plugs on it started right up. And let it run abt 15. Min took it around block it missed and acted like it wanted to stall! So I take it BK home shut her down and it's like same thing over! Turn over won't start ! It has no water or milky substance in oil or water and the old plugs were burnt to where I could see why it was getting spark but no wetness to them. A smell of gas yes but not wet in noway! Thought I blew head gasket but it didn't get all that white smoke behind me! Plllzzz help! It's breaking me but need my car
Bleeder valve 7mm nut was broke ,replace it ,bleed out system worked just find couple days ago,today it started overheating again ,no heat check engine light came on this time.
have changed crankshaft sensor, spark plug wires,spark plugs, have been thru wiring harness , check catalytic converter, . It want to buck or hesitate . need help thanks for any suggestion
Ive left the battery cables off overnite with no luck. Tried a different key bought a new battery, changed the fuel filter and it still want start. the lights, radio comes on but the car turns over but want start
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