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I was just driving my car and came to a ref light and my car acted like it went to take off but then would not accelerate or reverse. After pushing to the gas station near by it starts, runs and shifts into every gear but will not go forward or reverse at all. The rpms go up but it will not move. I did hear a little winding noise right before which isn't common ever before. My belt is fine not broken and all pulleys turn when started
My gas gauge fluctuates from 4 to 3/4 of a tank I roughly went 50 miles.
When this happens all the lights inside the car are on but car want start. If I turn the switch to on position and leave it a while it will start. It use to happen about once every four to five months, recently its happen four times in two weeks. The longest wait period before it would start was thirty minutes.
Jumped because wouldn't start. Changed ignition switch as security kept coming on as well as battery light. Will not start and key doesn't go back to on.
I put key in ignition, heard noise like gunfire, took key out. Popped hood, saw broken cover, small fire. Fire quickly out. Dealership called it backfire
Check engine light just came on .Is not flashing
my car does nothing even with a hot battery
Sometimes I have to turn the car off and cranks back up for it to go in drive
Is ignition bad or what changed starter everything turn key on got lights and all then when you turn it over it shuts it all off
It will not crank. What can be the problem
When put into gear it dies out. Problem started one day while going up hill, started at 50 at bottom of hill, wasnt even at 10 mph at crest of hill
How do you fix the noise
I changed the fuel pump and coil pack and still want catch
Nothing on my dashboard is coming on I got a new starter put on received a boost an still nothing , what could the problem be ??
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