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2000 impala when I put headlights on I lose my taillights.Checked fuses 2 blown c/ltr (cigarette lighter) and rear I replaced both when possible,As soon as I turn headlights on I hear a pop in the pass.side fuse box and lose taillights. 9 out of 10 times I cant get the c/ltr fuse back in. It blows fuses when I try to insert it.So I decide to just put rear park lp fuse back in and left c/ltr fuse out.Now once again I have tailights everything working good.But if I put c/ltr fuse back in they blow and i lose taillights when headlights come on.Any idea what to do next? Is there a short? Why is this happen and how to fix?Thank you
Doesn't shake when in neutral
My mechanic says it's a bearing going bad and to drive it as long as I can but I'm not sure about that. Does anyone agree with him? if so, what should I do? I just lost my job and don't have any money. My blinker is also reluctant to work and my ac blows hot air and sometimes it over heats and battery dies at random times but when I restart it, it's like nothing ever happened.
I had to drill out my cylinder because my key was broken before that it started so I put in a new ignition now the car is saying Security will not start and the security light never goes out even after you wait the 10 minutes so to set the password alarm thing up it does not work any ideas
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Lights work and everything
How long have you had this problem? Just started yesterday
Trunk leak on right.
Squeals when turning check engine light on just today right side shakes while moving, seems to lose power-shaking just started today 4 blocks from home-squealing occasionally, not always, began last week
The heater and a/couple fan only works on high setting
Check engine light comes on when key is turned on. A clicking sound comes from passenger side when key is off. No lights and car won't start. This is first and only time.
Sunroof was open for a period of time, could the wiring gone bad
Just put new fule pump in
Had fuel pump replaced and car turns on but engine still won't crank up wondering what else could it be
My odometer and gear shift lights do not work at all during the day but works at night sometimes. I'm thinking it may be a loose connection, only because if it doesn't light up at night and I hit the top of the cluster panel above steering column it will light up. Is there an easy fix for this I have seen several others with the same issue?
I don't think it's getting fire but don'tknow what it is. Please help
it just happened bout a few days ago it turned off but didn't want to start anymore.
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