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When my car gets too cold I can't turn it on. Which stinks when you live in Michigan. Sometimes if I slam the drivers door just right it will turn back on. Other times nothing will turn on but usually I can still charge my phone. It's always when it's cold and I have to let it warm up and it'll start on it's own if I leave it in the ignition. Please help. I use my car for work and this has gotten ridiculous
I would like to do it myself. Back up lights don't turn on when manual transmission is put in reverse.
Also the service ESC light is on now and it says service traction. The engine light is also on.
Part missing on the shifter is the place your finger goes to press the exterior button. Part #3 on listed items of shifter. Dealer said I must buy the entire shifter, and it will take 1 /12 hours for them to replace. I would like to do it myself - Instructions available?
You have to hold signal arm in a certain position to keep the signal on.
Also having a rough noise coming from right front tire side'have put on new tire brakes and wheel beares
There's a 2010 Chevy HHR that has over 228000 miles on it I was concerned about the miles because I was don't want to be stuck with a car that going to go out on me...on the dash it's says svc tire mount don't know what that means but the car has no damages to body I test drove and was's at a buy here pay here...would you buy a newer model car with such high mileage
I had a recall and after I had it fixes from my local Chevy dealership, I have had all kinda of electrical things start messing up on car. My radio sometimes works through the speakers, when my door is open and keys in it, it doesn't ding anymore but very occasionally, my blinkers don't turn off after turning, the list goes on. Also My battery is being drained by something in car, but I don't know what. I had battery put in after the recall because Chevrolet paid for a new one due to recall and I thought it was bad again, but I had it checked and they said battery good, something else was draining it. I never had none of these problems until after last recall. Help, had recall done in December of 2014, at Peach Chevrolet in Brewton, Alabama. Recall 14115 electrical power steering assist, replace power steering motor, but it took a few months for things to start happening. Had this done on 12/29, had another recall done on 3/3/15, recall 14547.
So I keep finding that the 2010 HHR has a power steering recall. I called the actual Chevy customers service number and they said I dont. My question is since I'm gonna have to pay for this out of my pocket how much will it cost? And does my car have a recall? I feel so unsafe driving my child and myself in my car.
Trany take off thru 1 & 2 ok but slow to go through rest of gears have to I rev up the engine. I know it's an incasement transmission. Any ideas?
It doesn't happen every time. The shifter button only goes in half way. I need to know if it could be the brake pedal sensor or the shifter itself.
Happens more often when the weather is cooler. I think this has nothing to do with it, but my daughter insisted that I mention it.
Your opinion or recommendation will be much appreciated.
Bought the car from my dad and this happened to him also. He took it in and they couldn't find a solution.
The rear tail lights will come on without pushing on the brakes and then when I do press lightly on the breaks they won't come on. If I apply the brakes hard the break light will come on. Often when this occurs the traction control light comes on also. This is a random problem and it's been difficult for the mechanics to find the problem. Is this a short in the wiring? And if the mechanics can't fix it am I still responsible a bill???
Should I buy or walk away?
it spasmatocally hesitates and bucks. after I pull over it seems to be all right. Have almost had a couple of accidents. I took it to my chev. dealer and they said that it was a natural brake reaction on the non skid.... I forgot the word.
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