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I have a 2009 Chevy HHR That when sits over night it cranks fine but real hard to get started cold. Then pops on a DTC PO172 after you get started ran for a bit. Cleaned the injectors. New plugs. After you get it stsrted it starts fine the rest of the day.
Added some winter windshield washer antifreeze. Neither front nor back worked before. Now the front ones only work but not back. Even put some gas line antifreeze in the container. The back washer motor even sounds louder.
chevy hhr 2009 control arm both sides bushing replacement
front end suspension
Started chevy up, at first it hesitates to start . Before it stopped cranking I took it to auto zone but the reading said alternator, starter, and battery were good but they could not check solenoid.Returned home and tried cranking it, now all we get is grinding and clicking noice, is solenoid bad? It has 2001k.miles on it
At stop light the car would not move in drive. Reverse works fine. Major?

How long have you had this problem? 1-2 months
Auto lights won't come on
Was working last night, but not 2 day
seem lie my Chevy her is taking longer to shift into 2nd gear the rpm's seem a little high to me.Also its getting where when I turn off the car I have to fiddle with the key it doesn't want to come out!

I jumpstarted my 2009 hhr and after I did that my car won't turn on. I checked the fuses and some of them are not working
2009, 77000 miles . Check engine light is on , but it drives perfect .
This happens when in drive at a red light or in park
My engine light came on for a few days, then it went off, and after 2 weeks its back on again.
stop working and the turning indicators stop working also and this is while driving.
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