2008 Chevrolet HHR Questions

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It was in a flood, I changed all the fluids, cleaned fuss box,and everything I thought of,it cranks&runs, but loud roaring noise comes from the wheels but my rpm gauge isn't showing anything irregular,
It sounds like there is a hole around the engine that makes this really loud roar when driving any possibilities of what that could be?
Has there been a exhaust recall
Car won't start and now my key won't come out of the ignition loved the hhr until this happened what to do now I don't have a vehicle and have to get to work
I am aware the part is under $50.00. What is the labor cost estimate.
How to drain, where the location of the plug
My info button when pressed, does not change the description on dashboard, so I can't see milage, oil life, etc. How can I repair it? And how much would it cost?
after a few pump on the gas it starts and runs
Battery is dead
It didn't start doing this until my daughter let someone try to get a jump. He did't know battery was in back of car. Some how he blew the power streering fuse. Replaced the fuse and now we have coolant and temp gage comes on and goes off. And i get shocked when the gages are off. Please help
1-7-08 or after 1-8-08 .Whats the difference in the tranny.
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