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they said it had a 50 amp fuse in it but should have had a 60 amp its been sitting for a while an they had to jump it would that cause the fuse to go out???? or dose it have a short causing it to go out in the electric motor or wiring hate to think how much it would cost to have a motor put in or fixing a short
It sounds louder and I smell gas fumes sometimes through vent . Changed oil and spark plugs but no difference runs fine
my car cant start at all. all the lights are off .
I have a 2007 Chevy HHR, the air intake hose has a rip in it, will that mess with my traction control? The light keeps coming on and when I push on the gas the car kicks a little. It happens all the time.
Fuse is good. Fresh air/closed switches don't work
The lights on the dashboard all work- but none of the needles are moving at all- any help?
When exiting the car, the chime doesn't work if you forget the key in the ignition, or leave the headlights on. Also, if you don't have on your seat belt.
initially turned key 6.7 times to turn over and start.Drove it going slow-would resume to normal,engine light disappers. 2 hrs later,resumes with light and reduced engine power going like 20 miles an hr.lifted hood when idling can move wiring harnise and stall out
My Chevy HHR just died the other day while I was sitting idle in front t of my parents home , got my neighbor to jump me off. . And it held a charge for bout 20 mins but died again ugh what could be causing this ? Also had the serpentine belt replaced bout three months ago and have heard a clicking noise when I accelerate ? What is this noise ? #singlemomtroubleshootingfirst
I've had to replace the wheel bearings, rotors, brake pads, and a few other things 4 times in the last 3 years and nobody can figure out why on my 2007 Chevy HHR. Can someone please help me? Also, when I hit the brakes the front right shudders really bad but while driving you can't tell anything is really wrong
some say to put wood block on jack and lift the engine a little ? Is that proper?
lost power steering
Is overheating and fluid is full and Reservoir
our car broke down and GM garage wants to charge us 4000.00
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