2006 Chevrolet HHR Questions

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I replaced my battery a week ago and since then i've noticed the outside temp on my Driver Information Center is way off. Is there some kind of reset I need to do?
It's the blower that will only work on the high position, cause even with the blower not running in the lower positions you can still feel heat or air coming out of the vents.
There is no noise, the car does not jerk, there is a strong smell of gasoline when I turn the car on.
My heater is on. You can hear it. But no Air is being blown out. Also. It isn't responding to the the different vents when switching from defrost to floor or face.. Like you can't hear the changing of vent positions. Any idea??
It seems like it's going to start then dies instantly.
How long have you had this problem? Died then won't start
message came up major engine problem. This started with the problem suddenly.
I jump started my car with a small 450 amp jump start unit and after this the power steering was arm strong.
One click not the battery
My account compressor won't turn on
it also vibrates and drink gas
When I cut my air or A/C on, it only blows when I set it to the max setting. When I turn the switch down, no air or anything blows at all. I need to know if this is a fuse problem or what ?
I know I have gas. I need to know if the sensor will cut car off if it is reporting empty when I know gas is in there. I had a repair of my brake vacuum price and it may have affected the sensor on my gas gauge and oil life ( just had oil. Hange). Will it stop my car from going if it says empty but I know I have at least 200 miles range left in the tank. I need to travel to get to my mechanic.
Why does it shut off while driving.
I'm trying to get an insurance quote, and the mice ate my owner's manual
When you trying to hit 70mph feel as if you are flooring it to get it to go
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